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Artist Statement
BradPuet (BP) found creative expression through photography by way of his mobile phone.  By day he is a director of a human services program in Seattle.  He also has a long history of organizing many grassroots organizations and is a co-founder of two arts organizations in Seattle, one focused on cultural arts and the other with youth.

BP is a Co-Founder of Grryo. He has presented on mobile photography at the Photography Center Northwest in 2012 and is currently faculty at Seattle Central Community College teaching 101-301 courses in Mobile & Social Photography. His work has been exhibited in Tehran, London, Berlin, Mexico, Japan, New York, Los Angeles, and Seattle. He also has photos published in the Washington Post and CNN. BP shoots for the University of Washington Athletics program and the Seattle Seahawks (NFL).

Street photography has been his main passion within the artform.

BP has lived in Seattle for 25 years and is always trying to document it’s rich history through art.  He believes that art is the vehicle for change in society.

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The Departure

The Departure It was her. Fleshed out - singed onto cresting waves and backs of turtles Wenatchee and Kalakala Bremerton, Bainbridge Island, and Chief Sealth like San Pedro, Jerome, and New York City The metaphor upon wings she took on as her shield her heart beats...

Storyteller Series: Matthew Wylie

Storyteller Series: Matthew Wylie by BP As a member of Grryo, I frequently look through the hashtags of #wearejuxt #mobilephotography and now #grryo on all the social networks.  First I find it interesting to see what people would share on these tags and secondly its...

The City of Angels

"Lucifer Rocks On" The City of Angels by BP Email / Twitter / Instagram / EyeEm * [REWIND] Originally published on We Are Juxt on September 7, 2012 Southern California is home away from home. I took every opportunity to get out and shoot, especially the Streets of LA....

On the Sidelines with the Seattle Seahawks

Members of the Legion of Boom Enters the Loudest Stadium in the World; DeShawn Shead #35, Kam Chancellor #31, Richard Sherman #25 On the Sidelines with the Seattle Seahawks and the Nokia Lumia 1020 by BP I have had the opportunity to shoot both college and...

Mobile photography: Built on community

“The mobile photography and arts community is life in Technicolor. I hold all these little frozen moments in time in my hand every day. I get to experience the thrill of discovery, the pain of loss, or the joy on a child's face as if I was there.  This community of...

invisible: a collaboration

We remain forgotten if we choose to be. A choice that is made on the cusp of who we are, what we do, and how comfortable we are in our own skin. When was the last time you felt the sun on your forehead? The last time you felt serenity in the reflection, the still...

Seattle Supersonics: Last Shout to the NBA

Video: Windows Phone, Nokia Lumia 920 (View in HD) A little over one year later, I have had the opportunity to witness two major events demanding the return of an NBA team, wait, the return of our beloved Supersonics to the Emerald City. The City of Seattle has been...

[Photo Essay] May Day Seattle, 2013

On a day historically set for peaceful protests for International Workers Solidarity around the world, Istanbul and Seattle becomes violent. In 2012, the city of Seattle was caught off guard by anarchists. The city vowed to be ready in 2013.  The media announced the...

The Whale

Photo Credit: BP Folklore and legends are usually traditional stories popularly regarded as the telling of historical events. When in the form of myths, they often involve some form of the supernatural. They have been with us for thousands of years and, because of...

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