Lady Bird Paris, France

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Artist Statement

L. Bird is an independent photographer and film maker based in Paris [France]. Her work is all about storytelling, whatever it concerns [whether photography, series or short-movies].

Her work’s aesthetic is mainly inspired by street and documentary photography, but in such manner as that it always turns her images into contemporary tales…

She recently started a new serie based on diptychs melting street photographies to create pictured fictions. She also explored this new creative mechanism in a short movie ‘subWays’, meant to be a bigger project, which plays with videos and photographies.

As a writer and journalist she also pays extreme attention to the quotes of  her works adding them a poetic dimension to the emotion they create.

There’s a crack in everything, that’s how our light gets in.

Ode to Winter

Ode to Winter

I  remember, as a child, fumbling in the complete darkness of my bedroom. The clock having just struck my morning anxieties, and myself heading toward the window to summon the day into the room. Rolling up the night around the slats of the blind, the picture of the...

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