Rebecca Cornwell

Rebecca Cornwell  Houston, TX

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Artist Statement

Inspired by the beauty in oddity,  I’m interested in capturing that strange feeling between asleep and awake, the present reality and memories. The nostalgia that can be slightly unsettling but also strangely familiar.  I want to represent the human experience from a slightly surreal and always very feminine perspective.  I believe beauty, even in the ugliest things, can seduce a viewer.  It’s in this magically odd space I try to hold your attention.

The Reinvention of Chloe: Chapter 2

To understand where Chloe is now you need to learn where Chloe began her journey and where it is headed. The Reinvention of Chloe is a collaborative effort by much of the Gryyo team to realize a dream our dear friend Ale began before his death. We do hope you enjoy...

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