Simran Nanwani

Simran Nanwani  Jakarta

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Artist Statement

Simran is a passionate photographer who is continuously fascinated by various moments around her.  She has been experimenting through her lens for a while now.
Photography is continuously growing through the community and she has gained exposure through various platforms : from Instagram to AMPt Community to INK361 and now Grryo. Learning from a number of friends she met through Instagram and the Mobile Photography Community has been an eye opening journey so far.
A Jakarta (Indonesia) based story-teller, she explores her city whilst wondering around with fellow explorers through nature, streets, markets, architectures and everyday routines. She also writes for INK361 and is an ambassador for their Street features. There is no particular style or focus in her photography as she is still discovering the various aspects of it. She enjoys capturing with her iPhone and Canon. Her photography journey continues to grow and she wants to keep capturing, creating, sharing, and inspiring.
“The joy isn’t as much in capturing as in realizing the beauty that exists around us.”



Changing beauty by Caroline de Bertodano

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