Simran Nanwani

Simran Nanwani  Jakarta, Indonesia

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Artist Statement

Simran is a passionate photographer who is continuously fascinated by various moments around her.  She has been experimenting through her lens for a while now. She has gained exposure through various platforms : Instagram, AMPt Community, INK361 and currently, Grryo. Learning from a number of friends she met through Instagram and Mobile Photography Community, has been an eye opening journey for her.

A Jakarta based story-teller, she explores her city whilst wandering around with fellow explorers through nature, streets, markets, architectures and everyday routines. There is no particular style or focus in her photography as she finds beauty in everything that captures her attention. She enjoys capturing with her iPhone and Canon. As she continues to grow in her journey, she wants to keep capturing, creating, and inspiring.

“The joy isn’t as much in capturing as in embracing the beauty that exists around us.”

Skills to Share – Photo Storytelling

From time to time we tend to feel demotivated in photography. We always need some motivation through people, courses, or even by looking through various talents. This short course by Kevin Russ was very interesting. He refined my perspective on taking pictures. Many times we are in a place or moment; we think or see, then decide if we want to capture it, or let the moment be. Kevin showed us through his on the road experience that the “just go shoot” spontaneous method can be a very useful tool.

A New Pair of Eyes

Being born and raised in Jakarta, there have been times in the past I have complained about the city. Jakarta’s traffic can be crazy, the unending line of malls everywhere can be dull and the pollution is bad too. Nonetheless, I have learned to look at my city with a new pair of eyes.