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Empty Seats

What you are about to read are disparate and fictional short stories I have written to coincide with images that are part of a series of photographs of mine entitled “Empty Seats”. The series embraces the enigma of everyday objects that are specifically created by and...

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Washing up a melancholic truth

Washing up a melancholic truth - A rainy day in Marrakech It was almost as if the rain had washed away any traces of an identity we - the tourists, travelers, photographers, writers - gave Marrakech over the years, and had now revealed a much more accurate truth of a...

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Gone stray by Sabrina Boem

Gone stray. How I find myself involved in a documentary project about stray and colony cats In the beginning, it was not a photo project. It was just me going to take photos in a park where a huge colony of stray cats live. I had started taking photos of cats when I...

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German Hanami

“It is spring time now! While the world looks for a new war to fight, you look for a cherry blossom to watch!  Let the stupid seek violence; you seek the elegance!” Mehmet Murat ildan The wind picks up a plastic bag from the street and swirls it into the air. The...

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