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The Storytellers Vol. 15

We feature a photo prompt each Monday and ask our audience to share their stories to accompany the image. We would love for you to join us and share what each photo says to you. In September we focused on wonderful photos by talented artists with stories that our...

Looking for the Third Eye by Ramón Cruz

Since childhood I have considered myself an observer of everything that surrounds me and excites me. Photography has given me the ability to return to those important moments through images, and I’ve always found this fascinating. Nowadays, I feel it’s essential to take photos daily, as it’s a visual and very personal record of everyday life.

The Instagram #StorytellerCircle

Each week, on Mondays, we challenge our Instagram community with a story prompt. Here is how it works:

We select a photo from our #wearegrryo hashtag and post it to the @wearegrryo account.
You can add a story in 1-2 sentences in the comments. The best gets a feature here on our website.

Good Luck!

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Waffle it Up with Finnicle

I like Kandinsky’s idea that we all have an inner need for expression. Looking at pictures on instagram, it’s cool to look at individual people’s offerings and try to work out what they are trying to say to the world. There is no good or bad art, just images that...

A Self-Interview: Shuko by Shuko

A Self-Interview: Shuko by Shuko   ONE: At what point in the development of your photography do you think your images will start to speak for themselves? Henri Cartier-Bresson is known to have said, “Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.” I believe him. I...

The Gift of Receiving

“If you wish for light, be ready to receive light.” Rumi As the season of gift-giving fast approaches, I’ve been thinking about the gifts I’ve received this year – images graciously given to me by my trusty old camera. I’ve been interested in the practice of...

Reflections in Night Light – Jin & Adam Lo.

Reflections in the night light Photography by Jin @Visualdivision, Written by Adam Lo. I see myself as both a photographer and an explorer. I like to find peculiar locations all over the city in my search for that unique shot. In a small city-state roughly 2/3 the...

Portraits of a Distant Reality

For 6 months trip by the Otomi - Tepehua, Indian zone of the state of Hidalgo, Mexico area. Most people who allowed me to portray their faces do not speak Spanish. They have their own native language. They harvest coffee,corn, peas, beans etc ... The small stories...

And the moon knocked by S.A. Xeya

And the moon knocked at the doors of the Darkness "Let me in!", but HE answered "no" And the moon knocked where there was the Silence But a very loud voice said "it’s not time anymore" So the moon opened the windows of the wind And went away to find something else, ...

To the Clouds by Caroline de Bertodano

One dancer's love affair with dance. If you have ever danced seriously, in any field of dance, you will know the sacrifice & dedication it requires. You will also know the driving force of the passion for the movement & flow within of dance. This is Claudia...

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