Susanne Maude

Susanne Maude Turku, Finland

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Artist Statement

I take pictures for the same reason I write. I do it to study the world around me, to get to know me, to understand.

I shoot to remember, for not to forget how golden the light was next to our bed on a spring morning, and it was time to wake up the little ones. I document everyday life and collect memories, light and shadows, separate frames from unresolved stories. Photography makes room for magic. It allows me to play.

I like street photography and enjoy shooting portraits, watching people and imagining what keeps them awake at 2:00 AM, what are they hiding, what songs they listen to when they feel alone. People have always interested me the most. The stories we carry within.


You’ve been Vimpted!

This article has been compiled by Jeff Kelley (@postaljeff) and Susanne Maude (@masusanne). If you’ve been Vimpted, you know the feeling of holding a precious print in your hand, of experiencing this kind act from a fellow Instagrammer, a stranger. And if you haven’t...