Jeffrey Coolidge

Jeffrey Coolidge  | Massachusets, USA

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Artist Statement

I grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts during the 1950s and 60s. In my family, music and photography were multi-generational avocations. Instruments and cameras were woven into the fabric of our daily life. At fourteen, I inherited my grandfather’s Speed Graphic. I’ve shot with large format cameras ever since.
I have been lucky enough to have three mentors. Each has had an unique and powerful impact on my life and work. Their words have become my practice.
“Don’t be passive, be involved and work with your subject.”
“Be honest and open in your work or people will mistrust the image.”
“Tell a story simply – not necessarily a simple story.”

Forest for the Trees

worship adoring reverence or regard Deference. If asked, "What is your house of worship? Where do you find comfort and solace?", my answer would be, “The forest." I have always felt sheltered and present in the woods. Dysphoria melts into mindfulness. I am happily...