Tommy Wallace

Tommy Wallace Arkansas

Artist Statement

With roots in rural Arkansas and branches as far as the Pacific island of Guam, I’ve enjoyed a variety of cultures and life experiences. Since my introduction to mobile photography in late 2011 I’ve enjoyed capturing life as I know it, right where I am. Discovering my niche as a photographer has led me into landscapes, rural life action shots, abandoned structures, and a few portraits. I’ve enjoyed each new type of photography and anticipate the ones I’ve yet to experience.

I’ve picked up a lot of wisdom and inspiration from communities like Gryyo and AMPt, mentors, and other photographers on Instagram. Along the way I’ve been exhibited locally and internationally. Through my photographic journey one thing has remained true for me: Photos tell stories. My aim is to share my stories, through the photos I shoot, with those who will look and listen. I look forward to that challenge as a Gryyo.