What if you looked into your camera roll and were shown that a string of seemingly random photos were connected by a story that reached into all those pictures.   We intend to not just write a story but to show you a story from photos. One clearly visible but also hidden until you place the pictures in sequence.  We urge you to look deeper and see what we see, hidden in the camera.

The collaboration begins with the photographs from 2011.  There were so many images that we hope that these images will lead you on a journey through captions.  Each week we will continue to develop all the necessary elements of a story of this character until we find a good ending.  If you read this we hope that you will help steer the story.

BP:  ya’ll know me.  Storm:  Storm is an accomplished author. 

Enough of the talk.  Let’s begin.


Borrowed Time

Chapter One

This was a naval academy.  It was more than that.  It was where they taught me, created me.

It wasn’t home.  My home is gone now.  Dying around me.

This is what I became after all the training, after all the missions.  Locked here, suspended by steel and wheels.

I came to remember my past and to recover my future. We are both older and decaying, but not dead yet.  What happened to me here, what it has done for me, releases me from my prison.  Borrowed time it says.  Borrowed is all I need.


Stay tuned for Chapter Two