1000 Words, Instagram Showcase : July

1000 Words, Instagram Showcase : July


Grryo believes that mobile photographers/artists tell stories through the photographs/images and art that represents their families, their environment, themselves. This is important because of the level of communication that is portrayed in imaging today. We want to support the mobile arts community having a place for artists to share, discuss, and critique (if requested by individual). These dialogues help the individuals and the community to grow. We look forward to you and your art. We thank you for your contribution to the mobile photography/arts community. Join us by tagging your images #wearegrryo or #grryo. We hope to see you there!


Emma Amar

Blue Hotel

Blue Hotel

Through my pictures I try to communicate a sensation, my different states of mind. I’m an unconditional lover of David Lynch and for this image I watched Blue Velvet. I shot this palm tree on the road and after I blended this together with my self portrait, et voilà!

I have quickly become passionate about iphoneography and the power of differents apps, with my pictures I use several softwares. For this one I used Paintfx and Icolorama. Generally, I take my picture and make it really by feeling, depending on the mood of the day. I almost always do self portraits.

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Cedric Blanchon

We Can Be Heroes

We can be heroes

Why this title? Right now I am listening to David Bowie a lot, and when I created this picture I was listening to his song We Can Be Heroes. The title goes well, you can imagine a lot of things, a photo, a reference title and we can use our imagination to make a story. This is a photo exhibition created with the dual Union app, Mextures, and Cameramatic. I love this kind of photo double exposure, it is not new but it’s always beautiful.

You can see more of my images on my website cedricblanchon.com.

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Mimi Svanberg

The mother of most if not all

•The Mother Of Most, If Not All•

She is the queen-bee she holds all the answers and she is our protector, she is the root of all and everything.

I’m inspired by the mystery of nature, the human body and our psyche and especially insects and the process of the metamorphosis. The mystery of life itself the hidden parts of our psyche, secrets within that we can sense but not see with complete transparency.

My images are never planned from the start, it’s a process where the image takes a life of it’s own, it’s a journey for me. A journey where I search for questions and that feeling of mystery, where the answers are almost in reach but still always hidden. I wish for the viewer to find their own mystery in my photos, their own questions and answers.

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Natali Prosvetova


Who knows?

This is my sweetest personal model, who is my niece =) Her name is Nicky, she is 12, and is one of my favorite and graceful subjects for shooting. I would not say that all other children are my favorite subject for shooting. No! I find it [photographing children] a pretty complex process, requiring serious psychological knowledge. However, I loved Nicky, at first sight. You know, with this child who is already 12 years old, it is quite difficult to control the balance; to not cross the line when the photograph becomes too provocative. However, I really like to work with her.

One day I was fortunate to work with a russian director, who is one of the best at working with children in the russian movie industry (which is my main profession, I’m an actress). I chatted with him, asking him a lot of questions and watched him work finally making a lot of conclusions and discovering a few secrets about how to work well with children. Since then my shooting with Nicki has been great fun, filled with new discoveries and positive emotions.

And now we are just happily playing around and get great enjoyment from this process! Every new photo session with Nicky is like a new play with some rules which are agreed beforehand, each has its own story and circumstance behind it (like a screenplay). Then, forgetting about real life we immerse ourselves in a fictional story. We just have fun and I shoot it!

Apps used : Native camera iPhone5S, Retouch, Relook, Provoke (for b&w)

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Manuel Rodriguez Hermoso

And the party started, summer already arrived

And the party started, summer already arrived

This image was taken in the Nautic Club of Tenerife (Canary Islands), I don’t know this person, she was a stranger, but when I saw her, I knew I had to take a picture. I followed her and took four or five photos very nearby with my iphone 6. I like street photography very much and although on my main instagram account I have not developed this style too much, it is with my other account @shotandmore where I started with the real street photos.

To edit this image I used the apps Skrwt, Oggl, Snapped and PSexpress.



Namrita Bachchan


Why the mind is a three ring circus….

I’m a trained painter, and I’ve always in my paintings had a tendency to layer.. So transparencies, double exposure, and the like, come naturally to me in my photographic compositions. This particular image is a three-part portrait of the dynamics concerning the ego, the superego, and the id… and how in a given situation they will all three react in a different way which is what creates confusion and push-and-pull in the individual, because each of those psychological constructs is built to protect varying interests of the psyche, from values to image… 

I used colour as a tool to divide the portraits whilst also uniting the whole space by its overlapping, which is probably also a visual device connected to my being a painter.



1000 Words, Instagram Showcase : June

1000 Words, Instagram Showcase : June


Grryo believes that mobile photographers/artists tell stories through the photographs/images and art that represents their families, their environment, themselves. This is important because of the level of communication that is portrayed in imaging today. We want to support the mobile arts community having a place for artists to share, discuss, and critique (if requested by individual). These dialogues help the individuals and the community to grow. We look forward to you and your art. We thank you for your contribution to the mobile photography/arts community. Join us by tagging your images #wearegrryo or #grryo. We hope to see you there!


Maartje Bronkhorst

Blendscape Series 2015

Blendscape Series 2015

I just love to use multiple apps and create a piece from scratch, combining different sources.

This piece consists of twelve layers, combined with apps like superimpose, modern grunge and union. I used photoshop brushes within icolorama. It’s great to be able to use them on an iPhone!!

I make mobile art as a form of relaxation and to escape the busyness of my every day life for a bit.



Ebrahim Mirmalek

Bikers of Mirjave

Bikers of Mirjave

This image was taken in a small border town in the Sistan & Baluchestan province of Iran called ‘Mirjave’ an old railway town I happened to stop-over while I was traveling, here is where the railway of Iran ends and begins. A few years ago a cross border attack left a deep scar in this town, drug addicts still consuming drugs in old abandoned British custom houses, gasoline smugglers spewing out their dusty trace…. nothing seemed lively here,  just left with a deep feeling of desolation…while walking along the dirt roads I was surprised to see a group of kids biking around with sheer enthusiasm, here I started communicating and photographing them, they told me such heartbreaking stories from their town, these innocent children made me wonder how they are growing up and where will they all end up?

This shot is from my Sistan & Baluchestan Travel-memoir, where I traveled overland there for 2 months trying to capture my own personal experience as well as the feel and spirit of the people and their lands they dwell in…the series can be found on my website and I’m sharing my daily/weekly story of this trip on Instagram. I’ve also made a short 4min Video/Photo clip of my Journey…

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Erika C. Brothers

Strings of thought

For this self-portrait I wanted to represent the link of the bird (which I believe always symbolizes new opportunity) with my representation forming a connection with the thread extending to my right hand representing the power to share and connectivity. For this edition I began to form my collage in Superimpose, then use Snapseed, MonoVu and photocopier to add texture.


Pia Maselowsky

Help! I'm stuck in a box!

Help! I’m stuck in a box!

My Name is Pia Maselowsky, I’m from Germany, I’m 35 years old and my English could be better.
The title of the photo is: “Help! I’m stuck in a box!” #currentmood
The story behind this “selfie” is, that I like to put things on/over my head just for fun.
I took this picture with the face time camera of my iphone 5s and edited it in Snapseed.


Aylin Argun

Longest Wait

Longest Wait

Just one moment
Where paths crossed.
You-so strange and foreign,
Nothing in common.
Both on the hunt
To forget about the loneliness in us.
Just one moment
Where eyes crossed
And bodies mingled.
To recognise
The you in me.
All things sorted in black and white.
Just one moment
That my loneliness took on a darker shade of happy.

Oh. My. God.

Oh shit, wrong person.

– Kathrin Jankowiec

Apps used : Hipstamatic, BWLab

1000 Words, Instagram Showcase : May

1000 Words, Instagram Showcase : May

Grryo believes that mobile photographers/artists tell stories through the photographs/images and art that represents their families, their environment, themselves. This is important because of the level of communication that is portrayed in imaging today. We want to support the mobile arts community having a place for artists to share, discuss, and critique (if requested by individual). These dialogues help the individuals and the community to grow. We look forward to you and your art. We thank you for your contribution to the mobile photography/arts community. Join us by tagging your images #wearegrryo or #grryo. We hope to see you there!


Marko Mikulic


Roki’s zen

My dog is always in the water, since he was a pup. For almost a year he’s been hypnotized with the fishes in the water. Mesmerized, always staring at the water and trying to catch them (he caught one a month ago). He is the primary subject in many of my shots. In my images I try to catch him and the nature that surrounds him. I took this shot standing a few meters above him. My goal was to create color contrast between him and the water, and to add a little mood into the image. Shot was taken in the northern part of Croatia, where the river (Mur) borders with Slovenia. 

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James Livitski

Eastern Glow

Eastern Glow

This piece titled Eastern Glow was named after a song from the band Album Leaf. I was on a big Album Leaf kick at the time, and I was creating that piece when that song came on and I remembered it being titled Eastern Glow, and I felt it was perfectly fitting to the theme of my piece. Generally, you’d find jelly fish on the Eastern coasts of Canada and New England, so I thought it was pretty amazing how well the two complimented each other. So I went with that title for the piece. I had also recently watched American Beauty for the first time in a while, and there’s this one scene where Ricky Fitts is talking about a bag and how it effects him; how there’s so much beauty in the world that he feels like he can’t take it. And this bag is just floating around blissfully with no agenda. With this image, the jellyfish are the bag. They’re just being. It helps me remind myself that sometimes you just have to look beyond what you first see because there’s always beauty to be discovered.

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Clara Torrents Canals

Give Me Five!

Give me five!

This is Max, my oldest son, he’s six years old. In this picture you can see the most authentic smile of him, I think that Max was really happy in that moment showing how dirty his hands were after an afternoon playing with his brother Teo making somersaults on the floor.
I only used the drama effect in snapseed to increase the contrast of the color in his hands and some mellow tone in vsco… I love the mellow tone!

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Renzo Grande

Friday in the city

Friday in the City

A story doesn’t always need to have multiple elements, nor it needs to come from the same common eye level angle. Stories can be told with few related elements, and by making the viewer engage always in different ways with the image. I was walking by midtown in New York and saw this lovely lady try grab a taxi. Chaos of humans and traffic was creating too much noise around what was really happening there and then… She was dressed up to conquer the city… her city. 

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Veronica Hassell

I felt you like the cool rain in a vast dry desert

I felt you like the cool rain in a vast dry desert

This image is part of a series called The Enigma Series on Flickr. I’ve often been told that my art is somewhat dark and at times evokes deeper emotions. I just begin a process of editing sometimes and the photo takes on a life of its own. I’m often inspired by the most unlikely things. I’m intrigued by how light contributes to the feeling or how color changes a mood.

The Enigma Series was just an idea that came to me from comments about my work and the deeper sometimes hidden meaning in words and art. I find inspiration from people, places, past experiences and also from photographers such as Lori Vrba and her Piano Farm seriesSally Mann’s At Twelve series and Jack Spencer. There is an endless plethora of artists and photographers who inspire me endlessly on Instagram and Flickr.
I used hipstamatic for the original shot and edited in Icolorama. I don’t get too complicated with my editing these days as I have limited time. I’ve found that having a general idea in mind and less complicated editing gives me better direction with my art. Some people hate being called artists, others prefer the label photographer. I consider myself more an artist than photographer.
I feel my work starts in a photograph and ends with an unfinished story.

Thanks so much Giulia Macario for asking and allowing me to share my ideas on my work and thanks We Are Grryo for sharing my story.

1000 Words, Instagram Showcase : March

1000 Words, Instagram Showcase : March

Grryo believes that mobile photographers/artists tell stories through the photographs/images and art that represents their families, their environment, themselves. This is important because of the level of communication that is portrayed in imaging today. We want to support the mobile arts community by having a place for artists to share, discuss, and critique (if requested by individual). These dialogues help the individuals and the community to grow. We look forward to you and your art. We thank you for your contribution to the mobile photography/arts community. Join us by tagging your images #wearegrryo or #grryo. We hope to see you there!


Marjolaine Labiche

Trompe-l'oeil (to a place I can hide)Trompe-l’oeil (to a place I can hide)

I shot this picture at the ‘Attentive Now’ light show by Gerry Hofstetter, on 03.12.2015 at Cité Internationale Universitaire in Paris.

A lot of pictures were projected onto the building walls but this eyes’ infinity was the most striking to me, and I focused on this child unintentionally echoing the statue that she pulled herself up on to look at the show. I was surprised by the way their silhouettes were looking so familiar sitting next to each other, both looking elsewhere while all these eyes and the show itself seemed to stare at them.

Living and non-living are mixed up in this scene where the omnipresence of the human’s image is mere window dressing. This picture is all about the look, in both senses of the word : how we look at things and what they look like. It wonders about the illusion of seeing reality and the chimera of human being ; so I consider it more like a trompe l’oeil.

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Patricia Hirschfeld

A message for carlos

A message for Carlos

This piece was created while reading the book Life of Pi. I felt an enormous feeling to transmit the message written in there.

“You must take life the way it comes at you and make the best of it.”

~ Yann Martel.

This picture was taken with iPhone 6 using the native Camera and edited with VintageScene, Image Blender and VSCOCam.

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Ade Santora



Behind the story I made this photo or this photo series because my wife likes to use striking red lipstick, and it is very evocative of my eyes when I saw her, so, that’s where the initial idea emerged as a concept. And to make this photo more interesting, I’m planning to create a photo series with a different implementation on each photo.

For shooting and editing, first of all is the makeup of the models face, facial skin is covered with white paint, so that the red lips look more striking. After completion of makeup, I started taking pictures with ProCamera application. For editing to get the paint splash effect, I use IColorama. In addition I also use other applications for final editing like blending the image, sharpening, or changing color tone with Superimpose, VSCO Cam, PhotoPower, Afterlight and Phonto.

For the image title, Lippen is a German language, it means Bibir in Indonesia or lips in English. I used that word because I just like it.

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Sheldon Serkin

9:13 PM “Tapas”

9:13 PM “Tapas”

I shot this photo near the end of this year’s edition of the 24 Hour Project, an annual worldwide real-time street photography event. Over 2000 street photographers around the world participated this year, walking the streets of their cities and posting a new photo every hour from midnight to midnight on March 21st. For more info, please see their website 24hourproject.org, or, instagram.

This is one of my favorite shots of the day. I had been shooting about 15 hours straight when we found ourselves in the West Village in NYC. We’d lost the light, making it more challenging to find the hour’s photo. I had noticed the marbled glass of this restaurant’s windows earlier and had spent some time trying to capture a different couple at a different table to no avail. Wandering about within the half-block radius (as the day goes on, you tend to move less and less), I thankfully spied this couple and finally got the shot.

Saul Leiter’s work clearly trained my eye to see this shot, though referencing his work was not conscious; I saw the similarity only after, when several commenters pointed out this obvious inspiration. I shot the image using Oggl, with some very minor editing in Filterstorm.

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Graeme Roy



It’s a funny photo for me because I do so little in colour, but this one just screamed out to me of course. I was waiting at this Subway station so I was just looking for a few relaxed photos, and also found others waiting like me. I was lucky that one of my subjects decided to lean against the wall in the corner like that, sort of at the collection point of all the colours on the wall.

The tiles echo Toronto’s fantastic cultural diversity, and they actually form a mosaic of faces. If you get back far enough and squint you can see them. It’s quite clever really, because from most angles you don’t see that at all.

It’s always a good day when you can bag a photo before you’ve even started really shooting! Although I guess in fairness, who ever really stops?

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Cathrine Halsør

Bird by bird

Bird by Bird

Pure play. I love those nights when time stops and I can lose myself in this kind of creative flow. It all started with an image of a stray cat in Spain… and it turned into a whole new story.

I liked this new story, and when I found the words from Bird by Bird by Ann Lamott, it felt so right.

“Thirty years ago my older brother, who was ten years old at the time,

was trying to get a report written on birds that he’d had three months to write,

which was due the next day.

We were out at our family cabin in Bolinas, and he was at the kitchen table close to tears,

surrounded by binder paper and pencils and unopened books about birds,

immobilized by the hugeness of the task ahead.

Then my father sat down beside him put his arm around my brother’s shoulder, and said,

“Bird by bird, buddy. Just take it bird by bird.”

This image is created by layering some old photos in Image Blender, iColorama and Repix.

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The uncertainty principle, one thing secure, the rest in chaos

The uncertainty principle, one thing secure, the rest in chaos

From an original pic by @another_eye using #mdpatterns by @motiondoom #decosketch and #unionapp

I’m interested in abstract art as it can have many interpretations, depending on the person viewing it.

I also had just been reading about quantum physics and the uncertainty principle and was intrigued that the more sure you became about one thing, the more other things became not so sure (or that was how I interpreted it)

When I saw this shape it looked strong and transformative, and I thought it could show how circles, entering through the eye of perception, could maybe become less certain and chaotic and so it is with many truths’.

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Claire Jolly



The brightest lights tend cover the darkest of truths.  A moments respite.  Curtains and catharsis.

She makes Promises —

bright, sparkly, glittering things —

and sets them up in a row along

the horizon sun of a

brand new day.

~ Teagan @r_s_tea


1000 Words Instagram Showcase : February

1000 Words Instagram Showcase : February

Grryo believes that mobile photographers/artists tell stories through the photographs/images and art that represents their families, their environment, themselves. This is important because of the level of communication that is portrayed in imaging today.
 We want to support the mobile arts community by having a place for artists to share, discuss, and critique (if requested by individual). These dialogues help the individuals and the community to grow. We look forward to you and your art. We thank you for your contribution to the mobile photography/arts community. Join us by tagging your images #wearegrryo or #grryo. We hope to see you there!

the handlers

The Handlers

Darren Nicholls

These two security personnel supply safe passage for an interstellar collective known as “the other people place” who dimension shift between alternate realities manipulating society for their own success and reaping the rewards throughout the ages via mass exploitation. To cut a long story short in our society they may go by the names of illuminati or jesuits aka secret societies……. print at your own risk.

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Let's play!

Let’s Play!

Mirko Saviane 

I live in the province of Venice. Not too far from the beautiful island called Burano. I recently decided to start documenting life in this beautiful fishing village using a different approach from the past. I pay more attention to detail than the usual panoramic postcard, and I try to focus more on the connection between the locals and the unique architecture of this place. Then I started a series on the clothes lines in Burano (details) and a series of photos on everyday life in Burano (connections) – ‘Let’s play’ is a part of this.

The photo was taken at 12:22pm. I used vscocam (C5 preset) to make the light more soft and warm.  I also used a new app by Pixite (shift) to emphasize the light. I usually try to focus on a single subject: I like simple and effective images. That’s why I tried to keep this image, with a group as a subject, as clean as possible.


When worlds collide

 When the Worlds Collide

Tuba Korhan

Our perception is not shaped with only our five senses but also by learning, memory, personal expectations and attention. Our beliefs or knowledge of the world affects our ways of seeing. So do we see what is really there?

The original photo was captured with the native camera of an iPhone5, which belongs to my Mannequin series.

While editing I used many apps such as Snapseed, Repix, Deco Sketch. I uploaded the edited photo to AddLib app, which automatically generates three different images. The colliding spheres reminded me the dilemma of perception. I edited the text in the app to resemble the four dimensions – time and space. Then I used one of my favorite formulas in Mextures to achieve the final image.

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Walking Angel

Kate Trafeli 

This image captured both a feeling and a moment in time. It was the proverbial dark and stormy night and the cold weather matched my own sombre mood after a long day with numerous obstacles that I couldn’t seem to overcome; I was taking the long way home to clear my head. I try not to take for granted the many beautiful small moments and places here in my adopted land (Italy) even when feeling very ‘blue’. When I heard footsteps and saw a young woman walking ahead of me, I hurriedly took this photograph with my phone.

In looking at the picture later that night I was struck by the feeling of movement, the illusion her arms made of wings and the way the archway and the light framed the composition. I tried to highlight these elements and the feeling of mystery such a moment creates. To me this picture is about how one’s perspective can change–well, if not everything– “enough”. Like Jimmy Page allegedly once said: ‘I’m just looking for an angel with a broken wing’. Aren’t we all?

I shot it with the Camera+ app (it tends to do fairly well even at night), and then edited it at home later that evening using the Stackables, Effexy and Filterstorm apps.

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The first night of carnival

The First Night of Carnival

Steven A.J. Beijer 

The first night of carnival in Barcelona, accompanied by drums, people dressed as giants, singing children, masks and of course plenty of ear-shattering fireworks.

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1000 Words, Instagram Vol. 5: Themed Showcase

1000 Words, Instagram Vol. 5: Themed Showcase

Welcome to our fifth themed Instagram 1000 words showcase! There are many talented artists on Instagram and we wanted to tap into their creativity and showcase their work here. Fun combo theme this time! My Favorite Things and I SPY. Remember those books? Each one of these images has a hidden element, a little surprise, something beloved to the artist and a great story behind it.

Grryo believes that mobile photographers/ artists tell stories through the photographs/ images and art that represents their families, their environment, themselves. We want to support the mobile arts community by having a place for artists to share, discuss, and critique (if requested by individual). These dialogues help the individuals and the community to grow. We thank you for your contribution to the mobile photography/ arts community.


Korea’s second city has become known for its dazzling skyscrapers, film festival, and popular beaches, but Busan’s hills are not to be missed. To the southwest of the trendy Haeundae district and the sights and smells of the old harbor’s Jagalchi seafood market, the colorful ‘village’ of Gamcheon beckons with its maze of public art and narrow stepped-streets leading to pocket plazas and views of the sea.

The steep terrain was mostly uninhabited until refugees pouring into Busan during the Korean War (1950-1953) began to seek somewhere to call home. Followers of an indigenous religion, called Taegukdo, settled as well, and as they built, they made sure to not block anyone else’s light or view. The result was a poor but vibrant neighborhood of stacked houses that has been compared to Rio’s favelas, Greece‘s Santorini, and even Machu Picchu; due to its colors, Gamcheon has also earned the nickname “Lego village.

In recent years, artists have moved in, setting up impromptu galleries and installations in abandoned homes, along with boutiques and cafés. Photogenic murals and sculptures abound, but this is still very much a working neighborhood, where you may well come upon grandmothers washing vegetables in the street. Visitors are requested to keep their voices down, and to leave by dusk so that residents can enjoy a quiet evening…

I took the photo with my iPhone5s. I used Snapseed for some initial processing, and then the Hipstamatic TinType app for finishing.

 Annette W.  – @dawa_lhamo

I shot this image out the front of the Palace Hotel in Broken Hill, a remote town in the Australian outback. Several scenes in the wonderful Aussie feature film “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” were filmed inside the hotel, it’s main feature being wall to ceiling Australiana slash Renaissance style murals. I took this image just before we walked through the door, so I was full of excitement. It’s interesting to me that the white conservative exterior does not give away any hints as to what lies behind it’s doors. I also enjoy the connection here between the figure on the inside and the person striding by.

imageYoshihisa Egami – @YOSHIBOWORKS

The wall in this picture is a thing of optician. The optician is a shop my wife go well. And I had much wanted to take to photograph the beautiful wall sometime inthe best possible way. One day, I went to the optician with my wife and son. When my son stood in front wall, beautiful sight was spread in front of my eyes. Beautiful shades of the wall complemented his charm! I took a photo, engrossed. And I finally got the work convincing!The scene in this photo is a moment of the common everyday life, but a moment like treasure of my life.Time is everything to me.For you?

Title: Buddy
Device is iPhone5s
Taken with iPhone 5S Hipstamatic ( G2 Lens , Ina’s 1969)
No edit

Interactive Light

I titled this photo “Museum Series: Interactive Light”.  This was part of a number of photographs I took while touring the Denver Museum of Art.  The exhibit consisted of beams of light streaming from the ceiling and shown on a screen.  These beams were dormant until a figure enters the room and interacts with the artwork.  The man in the photo is my husband, who I had dragged to the museum as a reluctant participant.  He is shown bathed in light, reluctance forgotten, becoming one with the art, illuminated as both subject and object.  As he moves the ropes of light ripple and sway in reaction, a complex web, leading to a total acceptance of his presence.

IMG_8993Ming – @anonymouskraken

I was wandering around Sutro Baths with my friend when this pair caught my eye. Their clothes matched their bikes so I quickly took a photo. I only took one photo and it happened to be when they stepped exactly in line.

A mirror in the window of a rather shabby upholstery shop caught my eye.  I took a few pictures using Oggl, doing my best to ignore traffic behind me.


I had taken this shot with my Lumia 1020 of these two old TV sets at an abandoned shoot a few weeks back. After a little editing and cropping in Snapseed I didn’t do anything with it. They were kind of boring. I wished I’d had someone to put in the scenes at this shoot to make it more interesting.It was valentine’s Day and I’m thinking about how to do something a little extra for my sweetie. Hmmm…why not put us on TV? So I pulled up those televisions in PS Touch, found our anniversary photo from a few months back, and layered it over the front set, and blended it into the dust and shadows. Now we are a romantic comedy appearing in our 33rd Valentine season!

IMG_0322 Suzanne B. -@_suz4nne_

This photo was taken in Bolinas where I spent an unusually warm. January morning watching my son surf. I really like the two torpedo-shaped silhouettes mirrored here–the guy and his surfboard walking in the background and this unlikely beach-bum dachshund in front of me. It was taken with Hipstamatic (Lowy lens, BlacKeys Extra Fine film, no flash). I warmed it up a bit in Snapseed after.

I took this picture at the M. C. Escher: The Mathematician exhibit, currently mounted at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa until May 3. In the picture is my daughter, Maia – running around as usual no matter where we are or what we are doing, and another museum goer, in front of one of the exhibit walls.

Maia and I visit the Gallery fairly frequently – it’s a beautiful place where there are things for each of us to do. She loves doing arts and crafts, running down the Grand Hall to her heart’s content (I have a couple of photos of her running down this hall on my feed), and simply just wandering with me from exhibit to exhibit – she particularly loves Janet Cardiff’s 40-part motet in the reconstructed chapel (photo on my feed).I of course enjoy the artwork, but am also fascinated by how others ‘interact’ with the artwork and the space, and how they interact with other visitors… Here, an almost 4-year-old was ecstatic to spend a day with her mommy. It didn’t really matter what we were doing – she was happy just running around, stopping when she spotted something of interest to a 4-year-old which was frequent. (The artwork in this exhibit in particular are smaller and therefore hung above her height so they didn’t capture her attention in the same way as the much larger pieces.) At her age, the things that are of interest are other kids, ice cream, lollipop, and shiny, sparkly things, etc. In this instance, she spotted the shiny red motorized scooter. And she wanted to get her hands on it. She ran toward me and asked if she could play with it. To her, it was a a shiny ‘car’. It is not much different from her car toy at home, except her car toy is made of plastic and lacks that sparkle of shiny metal, and she has to ‘walk’ her feet to ‘drive’ it along. This shiny red car drives on its own.
To her, the vehicle looked like fun and absolutely fascinating. To the man, that scooter is a necessity, a must-have in order for him to wander the Gallery freely and take in the artwork – something most of us take for granted. Unlike my daughter, the man slowly and methodically made his way from one room to another (the exhibit comprises several rooms), looking at each of the displayed work. To me, there is a variety of opposing ‘motions’ at play in this shot.

I take photos of things that speak to me.

piaPia – @contentwithsilence

My Name is Pia, I’m from Germany and I’m 35 years old. The story behind the “selfie” of my dog and I – I saved him and he saved me:
Since I was little I wanted to have a dog at my side. There was always something that spokes against having a dog: Parents, time, landlords, money.
Early in 2011 was diagnosed with depression. I had a difficult time. So I thought about my life and about what my heart is longing for. It was a dog. So I started searching for a new apartment where I could have a dog, I found one, too expansive, but I didn’t care. I reduced my working hour from 40 to 30 hours a week. And didn’t care. Then I visited the local shelter in April 2012 and totally felt in love with Cody #herrkotmann. He was a one year old, wild, chaotic, had no manners and is supposed to be dangerous just because of his breed – it is called “Kampfhund” in Germany. But I didn’t care. He taught me, and still teaches me, lessons in patience and confidence and makes me smile so much. He still helps me through my bad days, when I totally wanna isolate myself from the rest of the world. I took this picture in 2013 on a rough autumn day in the fields, with my smartphone and edited it in Snapseed and VSCOcam.


Silhouette Friends – This photo was taken end of January, the first day of winter,  when there was snow and beautiful sunshine at the same time. Cody and I met our friends Noma (a ten year old sheepdog mix-breed) and her human Kati for the first time in 2015. We had a great three hours walk together, talking, giggling and playing. Cody adores Noma and she’s is so patient with my big chaotic boy. I took this photo with my Olympus OM- D E-M10 + M.Zuiko 45mm 1:1.8 and edited it in Snapseed.

image1 (2)Stef – @sanikdote

We traveled to west coast of Florida and were able to catch the last few seconds of the sunset.
My husband -the one with the hat in background ,said-‘we missed it ‘.
I had no clue what he was talking about because from my POV- this was good enough.
I loved the way the water and sand contrast and the remnants of sunlight.
This photos does not justify the actual scene. However, I was pleasantly surprised in the heavy contrast of land and humans.
It wasn’t my intention to capture people. Their presence was the benediction of keeping my eyes open.
There is no edit on this other than a crop to fit IG. Taken with a Samsung Galaxy S4.

1000 Words Facebook Showcase Vol. 11

1000 Words Facebook Showcase Vol. 11


Welcome to the 11th 1000 words Facebook showcase

Robin Robertis

Inspiration for this 1st image is easy , I was in Maui on a Brooke Shaden retreat. Our model Marsha Denlinger, was in a wonderful cave posing for fellow photographer Maureen Sullivan aka Wandering Alice that was setting up a conceptual shot around a beautiful head dress made on the Island ( which by the way you can support Hawaiian artists and find this one on  Etsy  called “Hat and Mouse” )

i was behind the scene and shot this in Hipstamatic using the Chunky lens and Ina’s 1969 film flash off with the double exposure mode on. The editing i did was minimal opening it in Snappseed and cropped the frame out, i usually  hit automatic and let the app correct contrast for me but in this case it changes the color to much so i left it, hit detail and sharpening a bit. I sign in title fx.

Unfortunately, my friend Eric Rosen let me know that the little thingy to the left of the lens is res, high med and low !

I love it but Im not Hipstmatic savy, and the film and lens were chosen by the app… The setting seem to switch setting on me,

( which i JUST learned how to save favorites ) I use to get mad, when it would change on its own, but now i am plesently surprised on a lot of shots in which i would have never chosen that film or lens.

website // flikr // instagram //  facebook //

Margherita Maniscalco Image

First of all, thank you very much Todd and GRRYO for featuring my Work.

The image that you have selected has been inspired by the lack that I tried in a moment of distance from my partner. I took this image of him while he was swimming in water (made this summer in a short and happy escape to the sea). I love ‘clean’ and ‘pure’ photographs, but sometimes it happens to me to feel the desire to stratify, to abstractify to make photograph like a multidimensional object, dreamlike. That’s why I sometimes lean towards a kind of photo manipulation. So, as often happens, I felt the need to add something to this photo, maintaining the formal structure of the original image. Based on what I felt at that moment, I had the idea to superimpose a relatively old self-portrait.

Shots were both done with my IPhone.

The editing is quite simple: I only have used image blender and analog film apps. Image blender for the superimposition, analog film to apply a bw filter, adjust exposition, contrast and to add some grain to emphasize the foam of the sea. Also to confuse a little the definition of the image. I Like the fact that you can’t recognize specifically a person and this fact allow everyone’s imagination to flow free and make his own story.

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Diana Jeon ImageDiana Jeon ImageDiana Jeon Image

Diana Nicholette Jeon

they can only succeed by silencing our voices

iPhoneography/Mobile Art

Composite of 4 images with a lot of drawing/painting in Procreate and iColorama.

This work is in response to the idiotic pronouncement of Satya Nadella that was affront to working women everywhere.

Recently I was working on a series of images, and I got stuck…It wasn’t going the place I saw in my mind, and since it was part of a larger series, I needed to maintain a certain ”look and feel” to the work. As is often the case, I put it aside so I could come back to the work with fresh eyes. I started on a different series.

As I was working on the second Image of the newer series, I read this article: http://readwrite.com/2014/10/09/nadella-women-dont-ask-for-raise. The male CEO of Microsoft was telling women that they should not ask for raises. “Karma” would take care of that for them. I used to work in high tech in the Silicon Valley, and found that it was enough of boy’s club that reading this made my blood boil!

I posted about it on Facebook. I told my husband and son at dinner. I got barely a nod about it. We went to dinner the next night for a birthday, and there were three women at the table with us. I showed the article to them, and they were as mad as I was. I knew I wasn’t alone, and I was sure I wasn’t crazy.

I went home that night and created this work. The woman’s face is composited via three self portraits of myself. I used a heavily textured shot positioned so that part of it would be similar to a noose. I crossed out her mouth. I work with black, for mourning. I was seeking a dense dark look, like an aquatint intaglio print or a mezzotint work.

I used iPhone 5s native camera to shoot the images of my face, and worked the image back and forth using iColorama, Procreate, PS Touch, Photoshop Mix, Pixel Blender, Diana, Mextures, Stackables, Scratch Cam, Stackables to create it. The process was fast but very involved. I rarely use only one or two apps. I go into and out of apps rapidly, taking what I need for this or that, and moving on to the next, then maybe back again. I have been working with digital tools for art practice since 1997, so using apps is, for me, like using different features in Photoshop. It is second nature. I don’t think about the apps, I just move from one to the next as I need.

FB // art // web // flickr //

Veevs Hanson Image

I live 5 minutes walk from the river close to Richmond.  A couple of mornings a week I go out walking along the river with a friend of mine and a couple of doggies.  We set off approximately 8.15am so we have been getting lovely light on the riverside.  On this particular morning the water was very still and produced beautiful reflections of the boats.  I took the photo with VividHDR using the Lively preset.  I then opened the photo in Snapseed, cropped it and applied a few minor adjustments.  Then I took it into PhotoCopier which gives me the option of so many wonderful effects and textures.  I bought a new app Brushstroke so this was my first time using it.  Loved the painterly look I got!  Then my last app I used was DistressedFX where I applied the Charm preset.

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1,000 Words: Emotions

1,000 Words: Emotions

Photo by Jen Bracewell

1,000 Words is under the premise that “a photograph says a thousand words”.

Grryo believes that mobile photographers/artists tell stories through the photographs/images and art that represent their families, their environment, themselves. This is important because of the level of communication that is portrayed in imaging today.

This month, Grryo storytellers sent in one photograph depicting what FREE means to each one of us.

We hope that you enjoy this showcase as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it together.

Photo by Rebecca Cornwell

Photo by Natalie Maddon

Photo by Andy Butler

Photo by Matthew Wylie

Photo by Brandon Kidwell

Photo by Josh St. Germain

Photo by Hector Navarro Torres

Photo by Matt Coch

Photo by Todd Leban

Photo by Jeff Kelley

Photo by Bridgette Shima

1000 Words Windows Phone 8th Edition

1000 Words Windows Phone 8th Edition

Welcome to 1000 Words Showcase for Windows Phone via the Windows Phone Experience Flickr group.

This group has many great artists and photographers and along with many mobile photography communities is rich in story.

Grryo has asked these great photographers to help curate this showcase and are very happy that they agreed. Please put your hands together for Aman, Sony, and Jean Brice. Their bios and contacts are below.

We hope to showcase the great diversity and beauty of the work shown to continue to inspire other mobile (connected) photographers/ artists within our community. 1000 Words is titled under the premise that “a photograph says a 1000 words.” Grryo believes that mobile photographers/ artists tell stories through the photographs/ images and art that represents their families, their environment, themselves. This is important because of the level of communication that is portrayed in imaging today. We look forward to you and your art. We thank you for your contribution to the mobile photography/ arts community.

If you are a Windows Phone photographer please feel free to contribute to the Flickr group.
Hot-Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloon by Antti Tassberg
Nokia Lumia 1020

I was on my way to a near by lake to capture some sunsets when I spotted a balloon grossing the lake very close to me. To get a better view I quickly run to another location but I was late. The balloon was already too far for a wide angle lens of my mobile. Luckily an another ball flew the same route soon after the first one. I had time to plan the composition and capture a few shots before it too was too far.
Only very moderate editing has been done. Clarity and vibrance has been slightly added.

Mobile phone used for this shot

Post processing tools.

Flickr // 500px // Twitter // Ipernity


Good Morning Saigon by David HKM
Nokia Lumia 1020

Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City – HCMC) is a city full of photographic opportunities. There’s so much going on all over HCMC that it’s hard to know where to focus your attention at times. But I’m so passionate about street photography a lot.
Because HCMC is such a densely populated city and very mixed use in regards to residential/work/dining/entertainment all being lumped together in the same areas, it’s sometimes difficult to know what is what. An example is in this photo. A lot of newspapers and magazines is put down on the alleyways right at the city downtown.

Processced with VSCO Cam

Twitter // Flickr


Whitestone Bridge , NY by Rob
Nokia Lumia 925

first time crossing this bridge in the passenger seat . it’s like i was crossing it for the first time . i didnt have to pay attention to the road.

Post processing tools: Nokia creative studio

Flickr // Instagram 


Moments of Cat Lion by Pedro Bilac
NOKIA Lumia 1520

Post processing tools: Creative Studio 6.0 + PS Express WP

Flickr // Instagram


Thinking Far by Andrei Mihal
Nokia Lumia 1520.

I was coming back home from a hard day, with a lot of things on my mind. The subway arrived and I remember I said to myself: “Just my luck, traveling on the old wagons”. As I was watching the near wagon I saw this man thinking far away. I was an impressive scene because you could see a of mix emotions on his face, the result of many things hanging from his soul. I just took my phone, shoot and promised to myself never complain about traveling with an old subway train.

Used Fhotoroom to add the BW filter.

Instagram // Facebook // Twitter


It’s a dogs life! Surfers Paradise by Tony Coney
Nokia Lumia 1020

The east coast of Australia, one of the most precious beaches in the world. Located on the glitter strip of the Gold Coast.

Every Morning around 6am I did my morning walk down the beach as the sun rises up. On this particular morning as the sun warmed the air it caused a natural affect of beach spray. It looks like fog but its natural water vapour in the air warming as it crosses the land.

As I walked closer to Surfers Paradise I came across a wondering dog in search for some company. I followed him for some time until he spotted a seagull and darted into the coastal bushland.

I took this photo on my Nokia Lumia 1020. I used the auto settings on the Nokia Camera Beta App. Most of my photos are shot just using the auto settings. I rarely need to change setting unless I am taking close-up which I then use the manual macro settings.

Instagram // Twitter // Flickr


Foggy Sunset over Norris Dam by Tad Reeves
Nokia Lumia 920

This was taken at Norris Dam, just north of Knoxville, Tennessee. I had just finished a group mountain bike ride with my co-workers in the sweltering heat, when suddenly a cold-ish wind blew through and ended up whipping this bizarre, thick mist on the lake. The sunset trying to peer through it all made for an absolutely surreal scene.

I applied just a touch of sharpening in the phone to bring out the sun rays a bit, but otherwise it’s right out of my Lumia 920.

Flickr // Website // Twitter


Untitled by Trọng Khanh Nguyễn
Nokia Lumia 520

I like to see everything from above it to the little. I’ve taken two steps and pairing them with photoshop.

Facebook // Flickr


Shooting the Rapids by Massis Sirapian 
Nokia Lumia 1020

The story of the picture is that I spend most of my summer holidays in Finland, to see my family-in-law (and also because Finland is a great country!).

We go to North Karelia and there is a very famous spot for rodeo kayaking and shooting the rapids: Ruunaa.

We had shot the rapids a couple of years ago, but this year, I wanted to test my special gear, attaching ND filters to the 1020. But when I saw this boat arriving towards the bridge from where I was capturing the rapids, I quickly dropped the ND filters to shoot them, handheld.

I used Nokia Camera (I only shoot RAW), underexposed a bit, and used tap to focus.

I processed the DNG in Darktable (I use Linux on my desktop PC, and darktable is a GPL equivalent of Lightroom).
And that’s it 🙂

Flickr // Twitter 


Family Stroll by Christophe Brutel 
Nokia Lumia 1020

I went that day to one of the two local lakes to execute one more shot in my#365withLumia1020 project. The sky and reflections were beautiful as usual, and I was actually focusing on the sky, the boats ashore and tree silhouettes when I noticed the ducks slowing coming in my field of view in what seemed to be the perfect setting. I just had to press the shutter button, post process and here is the result.

Post processing: RAW file processed in Lightroom 5.5


Aman G., Germany
Twitter // Flickr // Tumblr // 500px // Mobile Photography Blog
Born in Ethiopia, escaped from a civil war as a child in the end ‘70. Grew up in Germany… loved the Nokia N95 8GB with its fantastic Image quality back then, but my real mobile photography obsession began late december 2012, when i bought the Lumia 920. I shoot to freeze the moment, …addicted in details. There’s no real concept behind my photos… i see the moment and love the fact to have my weapon in my pocket to catch that moment…. Any where… any time.

sonyprofile2-225x300Sony Arouje, India
Flickr // Tumblr site of my Lumia 920 photos // Instagram // Twitter // Facebook
By profession I am a Software Architect working in Banglore, India. I am very passionate about photography. I started clicking from 2007 when I bought my Nikon DSLR camera. I never explored mobile photography until I bought the Nokia Lumia 920, it got an awesome camera. I realize the power of mobile photography and I kept my DSLR aside and started shooting in my Lumia 920. I love street photography and majority of my photos are from the streets of Bangalore.

1000 Words Facebook Showcase Vol. 9

1000 Words Facebook Showcase Vol. 9

Welcome to the ninth edition of the GRRYO 1000 Words Facebook Showcase!  Since the creation of the Facebook group, we have seen it grow and watched inspiring work being posted daily. We are happy to be able to showcase some of the outstanding work that is being shared.

GRRYO believes that mobile photographers/ artists tell stories through the photographs/ images and art that represents their families, their environment, themselves. This is important because of the level of communication that is portrayed in imaging today.

We want to support the mobile arts community by having a place for artists to share, discuss, and critique (if requested by individual). These dialogues help the individuals and the community to grow.

We look forward to you and your art. We thank you for your contribution to the mobile photography/ arts community. To submit your work click here.

Veronica Hassell Image

Veronica Hassell

I have been exploring the water element this summer with my lifeproof shooting a lot of underwater shots and this was an afternoon when we just finished shooting. It was early evening and we were losing the last bit of natural light so as my model sat shivering, I decided to take a few more shots. I actually used the snappeed in app camera and used a preset in the grunge setting. I then used the tilt shift preset for some slight blur. Unionapp was used to add and blend the flowers, which I also shot in the snappeed camera and edited in grunge. This original shot was taken in a swimming pool with all those edges of the pool just beyond the models head in view. A little cropping and blending created more drama and the feel of some deep blue pool in Bali which is what I was hoping for.

This shot is part of a series on Flickr called “Skin Divers” which is from the writings of Anne Michaels.

I think as time goes by I’m realizing more and more that it doesn’t matter how many apps you use, sometimes beauty can be created with the most simple subject. It’s a challenge I’m enjoying quite a bit: finding beauty in simple moments.

// instagram // Flickr // Veronica Hassell//

Elaine Taylor Image

Elaine Taylor

This shot was taken early Summer’s evening at one my boys’ favourite spots to play. A place where they automatically  run, climb, jump and create little adventures together. No technology in sight (apart from my cheeky iPhone!).  It’s what they enjoy doing more than anything.  I love capturing those precious moments.

I took a few shots that evening. When I looked through the camera roll this one jumped out. I loved Billy’s hand; like he is beckoning his big brother. The original image felt a bit gloomy though, and didn’t reflect the actual moment captured. It seemed sad. Ominous.  The boys with their heads down under a moody sky. It just didn’t feel right.  So, I turned to Mextures to add something colourful to the sky; something uplifting.

My boys under a rainbow sky off on an adventure together to discover new and exciting things. That’s what I see when I look at this image.

Apps Used: Procamera7, Snapseed, Mextures, Union


I shot this with ProCamera7 on my iPhone5S.  As I do with most images, I took it into Snapseed first: cropped and straightened it, then increased the contrast a little. Next step Mextures to create the rainbow colours in the sky (can’t remember the details – Mextures is still new to me so I would’ve been playing around for quite some time). Finally, I took the image into my favourite blending/masking app Union to bring out the original silhouettes.


// AMPT // Flickr // IG // EyeEm //


Erika Brothers Image

Erika C. Brothers

This image is one of hundreds I have taken of my kids this summer, in fact I could say that is my favorite of summer 2014. I really enjoy taking water photography and enjoy the results I get from the effects of water. This particular photograph was taken with the iPhone standard camera and edited on a iPad first using Camera+ to adjust contrast, after I used iColorama to highlight the effect of flow, and for final filter effects VSCOcam.

IG // FB //


Tommy Wallace Image

Tommy Wallace

I don’t usually shoot cars yet here I was in the backyard of an abandoned farm house with three or four surrounding me. What was I to do? This shot was taken with the sun through the window giving a nice glint of light on the horn ring of the steering wheel.

Taken with the Camera-FV5 app on my Samsung GS4, I let this gem sit on my feed for months before I did anything with it. For editing I used HandyPhoto which is one of my favorite editing tools. This app is available on android and iOS.

It’s been awhile but I’m thinking on this one I first cropped then darkened the photo, while increasing contrast and sharpening slightly. I’ve really enjoyed working with textures and applied a few of them gently to get a darker effect and to give some vignette on the edges.

As I edited this I began to focus on the glow from the light reflected on that horn ring. I love the way the reflected light splashes across the steering wheel.

I try to title photos from personal experiences as well as something that is unique to the shot itself. The fuel gauge is setting on the “E” in this shot, of course. When I was growing up and started driving I learned a new phrase: “Flat on empty.” The car I drove was in that condition more often than not. As I’m old enough to have driven a car with a horn ring like this, I thought “Flat on E” was appropriate.

On Instagram, Eyeem, and Twitter I’m @pastortwallace. On Flickr just drop the @. You can also see some of my stuff at amptcommunity.com/profile/TommyWallace. I appreciate the opportunity to participate with the Grryo community. The storytelling aspect of photos is so powerful and I’m glad Grryo celebrates that.

Patricia Larson Image

Patricia Larson

Photo taken with iPhone 4s

This photo was taken on a trip to a beach in Texas, the picture was completely minimalist so I decided to play with the editing, it was a beautiful evening and it was not time of vacation so that the sea was in complete tranquility and could perfectly capture the photo.

Apps Used: Camera+,  Circular

Facebook // EyeEm // Flickr // IG // phoneart.com

Andrea Koerner Image

Andrea Koerner

There really isn’t any inspiration per say behind my photos it’s more an intuitive thing that I do.  I just start with a photo and “play” with various apps until I get a photo that speaks to me.  This one started out as two Hipstamatic photos that I combined in Superimpose.  I then added more elements thru Superimpose and put the finished photo thru Brushstroke(I painted it and upped the Saturation).  From there I took it into Elasticam and manipulated it to give the figure the effect of wearing a hood/cowl.  Lastly I took it into Textures+ and added the graffiti effect.

//  Instagram // Flickr // Facebook  //

1000 Words, Instagram Vol. 3

1000 Words, Instagram Vol. 3

Welcome to our third themed Instagram 1000 words showcase! There are many talented artists on Instagram and we wanted to tap into their creativity and showcase their work here. I chose “Still Life” as the theme for this showcase.  I’m very impressed with the images that were submitted. It was difficult to choose just a few!

Grryo believes that mobile photographers/ artists tell stories through the photographs/ images and art that represents their families, their environment, themselves. This is important because of the level of communication that is portrayed in imaging today.

We want to support the mobile arts community by having a place for artists to share, discuss, and critique (if requested by individual). These dialogues help the individuals and the community to grow.

We look forward to you and your art. We thank you for your contribution to the mobile photography/ arts community.

tseabold 3

Welcoming Committee

Inspiration came to me for this image from 3 spherical shapes that stand sentry at my entryway. They rest in a concrete sculpture of a large rhubarb leaf that I created years ago. I love the peaceful face that hints at whimsy, and welcomes everyone who enters.

The editing process was very simple. Originally I thought I would take it to black and white until a Mextures formula seemed to bring it to life. Then I added a simple VSCO filter and it was complete. – Tricia

twallace 3     . . . and the call never came

On a recent venture, down a dirt road in rural Perry County, Arkansas, I came to a favorite place to photograph. This wasn’t my first time at the old abandoned farmhouse. It was a fantastic setting, complete with outbuildings, junk cars, and other ancient artifacts scattered about. I had only shot from the front of the house before but this time wandered around to the back. I took a few shots of the old cars and the back window of the house before sticking my head in the open door of an old shed. There it was. An old black rotary dial phone lay covered in dust and grime. The natural light coming in through a side window made this a great shot. Using the Camera FV-5 app on my Samsung GS4 I snapped a few angles of this great find.

Like some other “great shots” in my gallery, it sat there for months. Recently going through some old stuff I pulled this one up into the HandyPhoto app. I dropped the saturation to make it a black and white and adjusted contrast and sharpness slightly. I then decided to add some very slight cloud texture to give it a little bit of a dusty feel in the air. This photo reminds me of the days of my boyhood when rotary phones were the way we stayed in touch . . . or didn’t. – Tommy

nolahouse500 3Untitled

This image was taken a few months back on Isla San Miguel, Panama back when we had just begun our vacation.  Now we’re back in Panama with only a few days before going home!  It was a blast!  Met many super people, saw some great places, bought a house, and can’t wait to do it again sometime! – Frederic

jimsiphone 3Untitled

This is a photo of Hopkins Marine Station located in Monterey, California.  The original photo was taken in December 2013.

History: Hopkins Marine Station was founded in 1892, making it the oldest marine laboratory on the US Pacific Coast, and the second-oldest in the US.   I work directly across the bay from this historic building and I have had the opportunity to photograph it through the changing seasons.   On this particular day, I was watching some storm clouds approach and though it would make a pretty impressive picture.

Technique: Taken with my iPhone5, the photo is a two-exposure HDR rendered in ProHDR. The “looking glass” image was added using Juxtaposer and colorized using ColorFX.  The dodging, burning and blur effects were done using PhotoToaster, and final touchup was done in PS Express- Jim

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 1.30.37 PM

Still Life, Number One

“When I once read about still lives I happened to find out about Vanitas still lives.

Vanity might kill us all.

Or America.

Or we do it ourselves.

Or we live forever.

Or we buy space rockets and find a special box which has a glowing pink gem in it. The gem gives everybody on earth the power to fly while sleeping.

After the fourth flying dream all people got a letter in which they found a message:

“That would be such a senseless thing to be able to do! I never explain what I mean with my pictures.”

But here are two facts about the ashtray:

No. 1: my parents stole that thing years ago.

No. 2: since I can remember I loooooooooooovvvvve Coca-Cola so much – everyday!!!!!!!” – Michel

karenbaxter 3

A Tattered Room All Undone

The last time I visited Bodie I was 19 years old but it has stayed with me till I returned last fall over three decades later. I can’t believe I waited so long to return. The last ten miles in is now very rough road, but worth every bump and all the dirt and dust. Pack light, but bring water and full tank of gas, no over night camping.

These rooms are fascinating and not open to the public. This photo and a series I photographed were taken by pressing my I phone against the windowpane and shooting. As I peered in the windows I was struck by fragments of life left in each room and the stories they tell, of family, friends, love, loss and history.

The park rangers and volunteers that look after this amazing old town refer to the state of affairs here as arrested decay, nothing is repaired or painted, but an occasional board to prop up a wall or roof line will be done as needed.

I remember reading a story about the little girl who moved to Bodie, she had written in her diary: “Goodbye God, going to Bodie” when her family moved there from San Francisco. Apparently back in the day – it was a pretty tough, and unforgiving mining town, and at one point boasted a lively population of 10,000 folks.

I had an amazing week in the beautiful Sierras, visited Manzanar, Lone Pine, Big Pine, Independence, Bishop, Mammoth Lakes, June Mountain, Bodie and Bridgeport – the 395 is a gorgeous stretch of highway filled with mountains, nature and history layered and inspiring on so many levels – a perfect brew.

Photo taken fall of 2013 / Bodie Ghost Town

About me – A Modern Maverick/Karen Baxter

I have a passion for the new, the old, different cultures and far away places. I am in love with the creative process, and consider myself an idea person with strong visual and conceptual influences. I am drawn to the underdog, the forgotten or voiceless and have been advocating on behalf of criminal justice reform, Brandon Hein and The Innocence Project for many years. I am motivated by my deep care and concern for humanity, social responsibility, planet earth and her environment. My favorite city is my hometown Santa Monica, California. My first love and influence was my Grandmother Martha “Mattie” Burkett Baxter born in 1890 in Oklahoma (formally Indian Territory) for her late night storytelling that lasted into the wee hours of the night, and throughout my life – she claimed as a child I did not care much for fairytales or storybooks, and that I often said “Grandma tell me only the true stories”….not much has changed since then. – Karen

painterdave 3Untitled

I hope my editing description isn’t too vague. I did most of the editing months ago and can’t remember everything I did. Haven’t been able to get out much to take new photos lately so I’ve been going back to older ones on my camera roll.

I took the original photo using ProCamera. I applied a couple filters in Afterlight. Then I used the blur tool in Filterstorm to blur everything except the flag. – Dave

ikebanajen 3Last Days

I shot this image just recently whilst on holiday in the Aveyron region in southwest France. I’d picked a big bunch of lavender the day before and put a few extra loose pieces in a glass on the windowsill. The old cottage we stayed in with its ancient rough-cut stone walls served as a perfect backdrop for many still life images during my stay. I chose to use the Tintype SnapPak from Hipstamatic as the antique feel of the lens and film complemented the stone as well as the faceted crystal of the glass. I was really happy with the amount of focus on the surface of the water and the light glinting off the glass. This hipsta combo is recommended for portraits but I shoot landscapes, still life and everything else with it. It’s very atmospheric! This image is unedited, so I guess it’s a purehipsta shot! – Jennifer

karladasilva 3

Protect the animals

This once majestic creature hangs high on the wall in a busy bar in North London, forgotten and surrounded by lights and human paraphernalia. In Native American symbolism the steer/bull head respectively stands for courage and protection. The ironic way this beautiful steer skull is placed, still and with no voice; in the busy bustle of a bar, haunts and inspires me to have a voice.

Apps used Hipstamatic (Lowy, Blanko BL4) Snapseed and Mextures – Karla

1000 Words Facebook Showcase Vol. 8

1000 Words Facebook Showcase Vol. 8

Welcome to the eighth edition of the GRRYO 1000 Words Facebook Showcase!  Since the creation of the Facebook group, we have seen it grow and watched inspiring work being posted daily.  We are happy to be able to showcase some of the outstanding work that is being shared.

GRRYO believes that mobile photographers/ artists tell stories through the photographs/ images and art that represents their families, their environment, themselves. This is important because of the level of communication that is portrayed in imaging today.

We want to support the mobile arts community by having a place for artists to share, discuss, and critique (if requested by individual). These dialogues help the individuals and the community to grow.

We look forward to you and your art. We thank you for your contribution to the mobile photography/ arts community. To submit your work click here.

This month’s submissions showed us that the quality and creativity of our artists is growing exponentially and shows no signs of stopping! Last week my wife and I were happily surprised with the birth of our son… 10 days earlier than expected!  Due to my time spent in the hospital and getting us settled in back at home, I was unable to give my selected artists the usual amount of time to submit the stories behind the images I had selected from the group. Due to this, there were a few that were unable to meet the short deadline. So, I am asking our audience to please take a few moments to go view the GRRYO – 1000 Words Facebook Showcase – Submission group and see the brilliant work being submitted.

Thank you as always for the participation and support!

Meri Walker

“She Thought She Was Safer This Way” by Meri Walker

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Apps used :   longexposure, cameramatic, afterlight, afterfocus, mextures
After four years, making photographs and paintings with my iPhone remains one of the strangest things I do. I say this because when I go walking with my phone camera, what I’m doing is waiting for a call.
The experience of walking with any camera in hand has always felt to me like a kind of “hunting” and being hunted – at the same time. But, from the beginning, walking with my iPhone, with no special lenses, no extra filters, no “gear,” I have felt free, like a child, to look and listen for someone/something to call me – without words.
“She Thought She Was Safer This Way” started with me and my dog, Blaze, walking along Bear Creek late in the afternoon. It was early in June and the long low light filtering through the fresh green leaves was highlighting patches here and there in the gathering dark. Giant thistles had begun fluffing out and the one in this shot was lit like she was on her own little stage. I stopped to watch the wind blow her and was surprised to see that nothing happened to her hairdo. I climbed over some vines to get closer and made several shots from different positions, using LongExpo to gather all the light and detail I could in the low-light situation. The more shots I made, the more I noticed how tough her helmet of hair was.
Many of us who love plants but aren’t botanists carry around fanciful notions that these thistles are soft, sweet and feminine, standing passively in fields, waiting for a child’s soft hand to pick them and blow their seeds to the wind. However, spending time with this little beauty, she used my phone to tell me that her 360-degree helmet was more like armor than some gauzy, fancy-girl headress. At this stage of life, I could easily identify.
When I got home and looked carefully at the images, I imported the best shot into Cameramatic, a quirky little square-format app I recently learned about from Eloise Capet that has some interesting black-and-white films and lenses. Then I used Afterlight and Afterfocus to bring up contrast and clarity in the thistle structure and suppress detail in the surrounding areas. helped add a little unifying texture without compromising the detail.
As is so often the case for me, as I approached the end of the apping process, I heard the image title whispered into my right ear. It almost doesn’t freak me out anymore when an image calls me with its title. It’s like a little blessing. As I said, having a camera in my phone – and a phone in my camera – remains one of the wierdest experiences I’ve had in this life.

Stephane Vereecken

“Enlightened Men Always Escape” by Stephane Vereecken


The “Enlightened Men Always Escape” picture was created in the studio with two models. Then reworked on photoshop touch for duplicate characters and add prison bars, hand-drawn. And this is Repix and Snapseed applications , that were used to process the image.

I worked for about two years with models wearing masks to express deletion of the individual and of the human person, crushed by the mass of people on earth. The individual alone and lonely is no longer possible … We are part of a greater whole and our move is watched constantly.

I am also at this time, actually going to make some experiments on social networks for this purpose. And it’s very interesting how people react.
This is my new lab.

This picture shows the characters imprisoned and only a person realizes that he can escape. Because this person, who has a clear face, and light out of his head, is the only one with knowledge. And because without knowing things in life, and the world, it remains in place and imprisoned.

And masks monkeys bring us back to our beastly origins and prehistoric.

We must escape and then show the way for others.

Aldo Pacheco

“The City Without You” by Aldo Pacheco
Flickr // EyeEm

the title came after I almost finished the edition and because my love ones are on a trip back home (Lima Peru). express for me some kind of sadness, the sensation of not to being with them for a month and a song of one of Joaquin Sabina (spanish singer/song writer) “Calle Melancolia” (Street Melancholia) that talks about a lonely person that life in that street and he wants to move to the Street Happiness, but always is to late… anyway…. it’s a city without you

Edition :
The photo edition starts with 2 different photos, the first on is a selfi of me and my daughter (Sabina) at the airport the day they left and the second one was of some mechanic games at a ribfest fair in Toronto. For both of them I used Clever Painter app to get the thick brush. I worked also with the selfi in Repix with Drips and Spray edition tools.

In iColorama I combine and mix the second (after and third photo, and re-combine the result with the previous one. as a result of that we got the “buildings”. Next step was the drawing lines done with Scketchbook Mobile app. Finally Snapseed for image tuning, crop, grunge and retroflex filter

Rob Depaolo “At Days End” by Rob Depaolo

This image was taken at Salisbury Beach Reservation in Massachusetts earlier this summer while walking the shore with my family one evening.

As I was taking various shots, this young girl walked down into the water before quickly turning and running back out. There was something about how she was approaching the water with caution at first that grabbed my attention. I snapped away and managed to get this one image that really captured the feel of the moment.

All editing was done in Filterstorm Neue on my iPhone (the shot was originally taken with PureShot). I cropped the image in a bit to better frame the girl, converted to black and white and made a few typical adjustments to the levels and contrast. I used the clone tool to remove a part of another person that remained in the left side of the frame. Finally, I added a bit of vignetting (I love a vignette!) and that’s it! I like to keep thing relatively simple in my editing workflow.
Kathy Clay

“Safari” by Kathy Clay

This image was inspired by a recent trip we took to a Game Lodge near Kruger National Park in South Africa. The experience was amazing. We went out twice a day in open jeeps and saw more animals than I ever imagined.
I took hundreds of photos and the one thing that was constant in many of the photos was the back of the Trackers head (his name was Peter). He sat on a small fold up chair attached to the front of the jeep. I tried to capture the beauty and silence of the open savanna in the photo.
The apps I used we’re Superimpose, Snapseed and IColorama.

Patricia Larson

“Tubos” by Patricia Larson

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Photo taken with iPhone 5s

This photo was taken at my work, this structure belongs to a machine that generates electricity with gas, daylight shines on the structure with much sunshine. It did not require any editing, just put it in black and white with the filters of camera+

App used : Camera +


“Turn Away Before He Sees You” by Andrea Koerner

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This photo came about when another mobile photographer reminded me about the double exposure feature of Hipstamatic. I’ve always loved Hipstamatic and it turns out the double exposure feature is terrific for the self portraits I love to do. This one was done using the Hongdae HipstaPak(Yoona lens and Blanko 012 film). One of my favorite combo for taking photos of flowers in a vase. This one was a self portrait double exposed with a flower that was past it’s prime. The title came about from the intensity of the eyes in the photo.