Well another awesome parade and festival has come and passed in 2012.  This time it was Seattle’s Pride Parade.  I’ve asked some contributors from the event to turn in their shots.  At the end of this post I’ve included my own shots.

I must say this year it was pretty political.  I’m pretty sure it’s because it is an election year and everyone is shooting for a spot or an agenda.  All rightfully so at this parade.  As an ally, I totally believe that “love is love” and who am I or anyone else to say different.  IF two people loved each other and wanted to be together in the eyes of their/our Creator, why do we need to be in the way of that?  Needless to say, I wouldn’t want anyone telling me who I want to happily marry.  Noone is telling me how to love or love someone else.  APPROVE R-74!*

Either way, the pride parade was real eventful.  BIG THANKS to the contributing shooters to this post! Enjoy these great shots from @jasminewoo, @paulrule, @donnnic, @starrush360, and *SEATTLE, let’s give a big welcome to the town’s new citizen* @adamsvisuals!!

Happy Pride from Seattle!

@Donnnic (1-5) and @Paulrule (6) (Photos below)

Possibly the best crowd ever, and a true family event. Watched most of it on 4th and Stewart, then moved up to the Pacific Science Center. Was impressed by everyone in the parade wishing us “Happy Pride” and posing for pics during the parade. Had some friends with us that had never been before and they had a blast.

I loved the variety of groups in the parade and it was really great that the governor was able to be one of the Grand Marshall’s.

@JasmineWoo (Photos below)

Ain’t no parade like a Gay Parade to bring out the crowd. Even the rain couldn’t bring itself to come down on it… As if that could stop the 4 hours of partyin’ down 4th Ave! Rainbows for everyone! Cheers!

@adamsvisuals (Photos below)

I just moved to Seattle from a small Illinois town where I was the photo editor of the daily newspaper. My wife and I selected Seattle because of the free attitude of the city, the mild climate, and the beautiful scenery of mountains and ocean.

I started to use Instagram a lot when I started to pack up to head out to Washington State. I documented my week along 2,000 mile plus trip across the nation. Since then I’ve been kind of hooked. I’ve always carried my camera along with me, but this gets me another tool to do street photography.

Before I left my job, I was photographing assignments almost seven days a week, and going down to all self assignments has been hard, so I’ve been trying to dive head first into any events in Seattle.

I enjoyed using the iphone at the Seattle Pride, most of the time when I raised the camera to capture a real moment the person would stop and smile at me. I’m not interested in those kinds of photos. I’m able to shoot from the waist, trying to plan out the composition, timing, layers, exposure is always hard, interesting and challenging.

 @starrush360 (Photos Coming Soon)

and here are my shots (below):

*The opinions expressed in this article does not represent the opinions of We Are Juxt or its contributors.  Just me BP, let’s , make that clear. If you have any questions regarding my personal beliefs, please direct to me as an individual. Big thanks!