Snow Day: Seattle Fights For The Guinness World Record by Bridgette S. 

If you weren’t there this past Saturday during Seattle’s record breaking Snow Day you’ll have to try and envision 5,834 participants all geared up for the largest snowball fight in Seattle Center. This number beats Korea’s record of 5,387 participants set in 2010 – all of this made possible by the crew who hauled in over 160,000 lbs of snow!

It was a crisp, cold day in Seattle but that didn’t stop everyone from showing up and having some fun.  Rich Kids Brand set the tone with music pumping all day long.

There were people dressed in full on ski suits and some were even equipped with helmet cams – it was THAT insane.  I, myself, went dressed to withstand the cold but forgot one important thing: goggles!  Thankfully, organizers of the event thought to stock enough for those of us who weren’t fully prepared.  We all made sure we were protected before heading out into the war zone!

About an hour before the fight began, medics started rolling in and that’s when we realized it was about to get serious (and dangerous!).  If you haven’t already seen the news footage, then here’s a quick video I took behind the Carters Subaru fort – unedited and uncut ; )

The event, which benefited the Boys and Girls Club of King County, raised more than $50,000.

Community supporters, REI, Attendible, Concur, Jawfish Games, Comicon, Walmart, Portent, Rainier, PCF and Washington Athletic Clubeach teamed up to build the largest and most durable forts and castles.  The idea was to make one that would survive the massive snowball fight and keep those in it sheltered.  Some went down even before the fight started and others withstood the heavy hitting – just barely.

Local photographers, Barbro, BP, Michaela, Rachel and Victoria, were there with me to help document the event.  

Here is a collection of their images and reaction:

Photos by Barbro

“I walked off of snowless streets in beautiful sunshine into Seattle SnowDay, and the first thing I saw was a Walmart sponsored snow fort, and people all over the snowfield working busily to the tunes of Deadmau5.  Wow. Huh. I thought, as I shaded my eyes from the bright winter sun.  YES.  The sun was out that day, and the temperatures below freezing.  If there had been precipitation, it would have been snow.  I gave up right away being upset about Walmart. Because, only in Seattle can you schedule a perfect winter’s day with brilliant sunshine, trucked-in snow, and make it the best day ever, with friends.” – Barbro


Photos by BP 

“At first I wasn’t going to join the team as I was out shooting another event.  After the first finished, I texted B and Rachel and even though the sun was just about gone and I was cold and dog tired, I said to myself, ‘Self, this is for the World Record…you have to go and join the team.’  I got there and ran into Matt, a dope pro photographer, and we walked into the “gauntlet” together.  It was nuts.  Press release was a wrist band and so the big cameras had their cameras to keep them somewhat safe from getting pelted.  Those of us from the IGers Seattle/Juxt media team, had our iPhones.  I got in there and no joke, got smothered by snowballs.  It got me excited for the opportunity.  I went to the sponsored snow forts for cover.  Rainier Investment first:  Bad place, it was in the middle and the fort was surrounded.  I got PELTED.  Moved on behind the REI fort.  A bit better, got some shots, This shot with the guy and the space needle, he took the brunt of all the snowballs being he was higher up.  I told the team when I got there, ‘this is nutty and it makes me feel like I’m 12 years old…’  I didn’t know if I wanted to take photos or get into the snowball fights. I opted for both and by the time the bell rang for us to put our snowballs in the air, I had already gotten a few bruises from stray snowballs.  Rachel and I stayed close to Carter Subaru’s fort and in retrospect, wasn’t the greatest idea.  Lots of ballers there, but the cool part is I got to throw, Rachel took the dope shots.  It felt like New Years Eve.  Bell rang and boom, snowballs lit the sky.  On the way out, I got hit in the mouth and like when I was 12, I laughed and scooped up some snow and tagged the next person.  Being a part the night, being a part of making history in the city I love, being a part of all that with some great friends and shooters…it was a great feeling!” – BP


Photos by Michaela

Rick from Slick Lasers 

Team Copius Love

“It was so awesome to be a part of something so unique that will go down in the history books.  I loved walking around seeing all the different teams and their spirit, especially the 12th man that was out in full force supporting the Seahawks.  12th man flags, jerseys galore, blue and green snow spelling out the beloved call, “SEA-HAWKS,” the team pride and playoff excitement was contagious!   Seeing these fans take their pride and apply it to their snow forts just proves even further that the Seahawks truly do have the best fans in the NFL and the 12th man will show their spirit everywhere they go.  Go Hawks!” – Michaela


Photos by Rachel

“Initially, I wasn’t scared at all by the concept; I’ve been in snowball fights. Well, after taking that first shot to the back of my neck… a little voice in my head called out: RUN YOU IDIOT!”  I didn’t. And I’m glad. Thanks to BP, the fearless bodyguard who shielded me while I shot the fight, I managed to capture that surreal moment when the snowballs started to fly and a world record was broken.” – Rachel


Photos by Victoria

“The childlike sparkle in the eyes of hundreds was contagious as they bundled up and started the trek not into the mountains, but into the very heart of their city.   The teams, eager to show me their work, would pause proudly beside (or on top of) their forts before resuming in their preparations for the evening’s battle. The event sold out and I watched as dozens got turned away, feeling lucky to have my little wristband and made a mental note to register early to the next few events on my radar.” – Victoria


Instagramers Seattle and JUXT would like to thank Melissa Fry and her team for making this possible.

A huge round of applause goes out to the Snow Day organizers and event staff as Seattle now holds the Guinness World Record for the Largest Snowball Fight!