Welcome to Week 28 of #Decim8nday’s Decim8 This.

Every Sunday @Decim8nday will post an original / unedited image submitted by our guest editor of the week.

Decim8ors are to:

  • Screenshot the image and save to their camera roll
  • Decim8 the image using any singular or combination of effects
  • We ask that no other apps are used and that images are processed only with the Decim8 app
  • List each effect used and hashtag it with #Decim8nday and #Decim8this_( guest editor’s username)
  • Post by Tuesday, 9:00 AM PST for a chance to get featured here and on @Decim8nday Wednesday!

This week we welcome Paula, @paularoo, as guest editor!

About the image:

‘Yellow Fellow’ was taken whilst on holiday on the South Coast of Natal..we couldn’t swim in the sea as there were shark sightings, so I went to shoot. Love the primary yellow contrast with the blue sky minimal feel!

Her top 3 Decim8-ions are:

1. @thelostletter

I was torn between “ring of fire” (love that one!!!!!) and “it was too far to climb” ( add “fire mountain” to the title) I chose “it was too far to climb fire mountain”..love the dark forboding mountain in the foreground holding the promise of adventure and enlightenment for those who dare to venture there.

2. @benthicnash

“Windswept Heath”  love the cracking open of the sky and crumbling inwards falling feel of a collapsing structure.

3. @iguberman

“Alien Sea Creature” this alien sea creature destroying Yellow Fellow is way too interesting to ignore! Love how Yellow Fellow shows one last attempt at saving himself with a yellow block (spear) before he falls prey to the alien.


The Cr8ors of Decim8nday [ @suz4nne_ and @david_baer ] and I thank you, Paula, for playing along this week!  We hope you’ll participate again soon!

Stay tuned next week as Julienne [ @knoxmomi ] takes the editor’s seat for week 29.