On a day historically set for peaceful protests for International Workers Solidarity around the world, Istanbul and Seattle becomes violent.

In 2012, the city of Seattle was caught off guard by anarchists. The city vowed to be ready in 2013.  The media announced the city’s preparedness days before May Day with interviews and statements from the chief of police and the mayor, “We respect the right to peacefully assemble, but we will be ready for any lawbreakers.” The day of began with media blitzes and vans and trucks and of course the police on foot, horse, and automobile. Above flew the helicoptors, I even read a tweet that said, “If you want to find the anarchists, the helicoptors will lead you right to them.”

The day started out calmly and peacefully. The second and last protest dubbed the anti-capitolist protest by Occupy Seattle groups turned for the worst…but not as “bad” as 2012. There were 8 cops injured and multiple arrests led to another May Day to go down in the books as violent. Flashbombs and tear gas from the cops; fireworks, rocks, and metal pipes from the protestors. I can’t help to feel like the buildup/ hype is what led to the ending of May Day 2013.  This year seemed to be not about purpose and mission but of response and reaction.  The immigrant reform rally seemed as beautiful as ever.  Reaching its 13th year even. Sad to think that it was not the headline but instead, “Seattle May Day goes violent…again.”

This day is for equality and justice. Not for grandstanding and media ratings. Just saying!

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May Day Seattle, 2013: Police in force began with coffee and horses

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May Day Seattle, 2013: Seattle’s self-proclaimed superhero keeps the peace.

May Day Seattle, 2013: Traditional Mexican costumes

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May Day Seattle, 2013: Support International Workers Day

May Day Seattle, 2013: We Are America

May Day Seattle, 2013: The beginning of the anti-capitolist protest

May Day Seattle, 2013: Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army (CIRCA) Clown contingent of Occupy Seattle

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