Take Us To… ” is an ongoing travel series around the world which features several photographers in a given location. The goal is to give you an inside look as to what the city is like day by day.

Today we fly non-stop to Johannesburg aka Jozi, the largest city in South Africa.

Flight #4 features Alessio, Gareth, Levon, Ofentse, Paula and Roy… 5 of the most phenomenal Jozi photographers!

I’d like to thank Gareth for spearheading this project, without him this would not have been possible.  So, thank you for investing your time and effort in putting this together.  Your vision and talent is beyond AMAZING!

Take us to Jozi with @igersJozi & @wearejuxt from Gareth Pon on Vimeo.


Meet The Photographers


Alessio La Ruffa

Alessio La Ruffa is a freelance social media and WordPress consultant by day.

Born and raised in Pretoria, he has always been on the creative side, but never found a creative outlet that resonated with him. Once he attended his first Instameet, that all changed.

Whenever he has the time, he is off to Johannesburg to discover the inner city with fellow mobile photographers.

Instagram has opened Alessio’s eyes to the world, allowing him to see the ordinary differently, and seeing things that others usually miss.

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“JoBurg City Streets” 


Gareth Pon

I shoot things and turn them into pixels.
• Dreamer • Movie Maker • Stills Taker •

Founder of Instagramers South Africa
Goal:  Instagram From Space

My name is Gareth Pon,
I shoot things and turn them into pixels.
I am a dreamer, film maker, photo shooter and instagramer.
I have lived in Johannesburg, South Africa my whole life and I believe that everyone should have at least one ridiculous dream that they believe can become a reality. One of my ridiculous dreams is to go to space.
I love movie making and have a slightly obvious obsession with shooting beautiful footage.
I capture moments in photos, my favourite thing to shoot are portraits.
I also love Instagram, so much that I founded the Official Instagramers South Africa Community in February of 2013.
My favourite colour is yellow and I love cling peaches and mangoes.
I <3 all things creative.

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Website (currently rebranding)

“#Puddlegram Reflections”


Levon Lock

you blink a few million times and you’re dead | manager of instagramers jozi | iPhone 4s only | south africa

I’m Levon Lock. I live in the sweet city of Jozi, and I love everything creative: From taking photos to writing and recording music, and pretty much everything in between. I have always been interested in photography and used to play around on my Dad’s old SLR when I was a child.

It wasn’t until I got an iPhone that I really fell in love with pictures. The ability to capture something and portray it as how I initially saw it is an incredible feeling.

I like to make ordinary things that people see everyday look epic.

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“Jozi From The Bridge”


Ofentse Mwase

I’m Ofentse Mwase from Johannesburg, South Africa and I’m a Filmmaker. I’ve been in love with cameras for over 7 years now and I’ve been loving Cinematography ever since.

It all started for me when my oldest brother bought himself a Sony PD170 to shoot music videos with back on 2003, and passed it down to me in late 2005. I shot so much with that camera but it just wasn’t enough for me.

Decided to go to film school in late 2007 and that’s where my love for images was taken to another level. Went and studied Cinematography at AFDA Johannesburg where I got to learn most Theory about lighting and composition. Since then I’ve grown to know so much about pictures and picture taking.

This love for images grew even more when I joined Instagram, this was something I never knew would be so big in my life. Through Instagram I’ve come to know the world around me so much more as every place I’m at, I try to see the best angle to shoot whatever subject is in front of me. This has now grown into a passion, all this inspired by all the great people of the community which I interact with daily. This is one journey that I’ve truly been enjoying, as it’s a great journey of creativity as well as thinking outside the box.

My most favorite time to shoot is Golden Hour, the world truly comes alive around that time and that’s when I can truly express myself when it comes to imagery. I am completely in love with the way the sun bounces off objects and the intensity and beautiful colour of which it does. Hoping that I’ll always be able to capture great moments during sunset to share with everyone in the world. Here’s to more journeys and awesome adventures in Picture taking and making friends.

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“Super Ree sitting on a Cloud”

Definitely my most favorite picture ever. How I get to spend time with my 1 year old son and his mother who always help me out with my pictures.



Hi, I’m Paula, and I’m a mobile photography addict! Haha!!!

Born and bred in Durban, SA; currently residing in Jozi with my beautiful hubby and two gorgeous step daughters and grateful for this newfound photography passion!

I would love to say that I have a particular style of photography but I can’t! All I do know is that I love playing with different subjects; creating moods by editing with graphics, apps and filters and generally meandering where ever my mind journeys….

This could range anywhere from the ordinary to the quirky; sometimes serious, but mostly playful!

Being part of the IG community is awesome! I have connected with incredibly real, raw, talented people from all over the world and continue to be in awe of the talent out there.

I am honoured to be a guest contributor with Mobile Artistry  and love finding unique and interesting talent that need to be seen!!!

My background and achievements to date cry creative – being involved with the advertising industry for the most part and now currently as a makeup artist.

I have also been made an Ambassador for SA on EyeEm and can’t wait to show the community more about our beautiful country.

I love living in Jozi! It inspires. It is energizing. It is hectic and soulful all at once. Besides, we have Madiba as a historical icon…. say no more!!!

So…. back to that beautiful hubby of mine…. he inspired my photographic historical perspective of buildings in the inner city. His company develops and restores heritage buildings like Stuttafords and Atkinson into affordable rental housing, keeping the facade of history as true as possible and at the same time creating a lifestyle for those less fortunate.

Hope you enjoy! And looking forward to meeting you! PaulaRoo

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“Dreaming on the Cliffs of Moher”
I chose this image as my favourite just because it’s most current and because I have not played with editing for a while.

We have also just returned from a magical trip to Ireland and this was a moment of our holiday I never want to forget….. dreaming of returning soon!!!


Roy Potterill

Man about town. Making it happen since 1982. Johannesburg. 1/2 of Mobile Media Mob

A longtime fixture of the Joburg creative community, Roy has always had an eye for opportunity and a talent for making things happen.

Having got his hands dirty in everything from textiles to tattoo shops, his current passions for photography, technology and emerging markets have seen him rise to fame as an Mobile Photographer, bringing both international exhibition and critical acclaim.

Currently the co-founder and creative wizz at Mobile Media Mob – a visual based mobile content agency, Roy spends his days giving brands a piece of his ever-resourceful mind.

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“Wild In The Streets”