Hipstamatic released Oggl for Windows Phone in July 2013. It was the first way to connect to Instagram before it launched its very own app in November ’13.

Oggl gives you the ability to shoot analog photos with a digital camera.  The camera itself is loaded with lenses and films.  To start, you are given 5 lenses and 5 films but you can purchase others if you wish (shown in the video).

There are a numerous amount of combinations one can play around with but the key thing is to learn and test each lens/film.

If you’re on Instagram, I suggest following Hipstaroll where a different combo is explored each week.  Tammy (co-creator of Hipstaroll) and Leigh have done a fantastic job at keeping the Hipsta Community going strong.  They also manage a Facebook account  where they share tips, comparisons, photos, news and more.  So be sure to check them out!

A good way to begin with Oggl is to try one of my favorite combos, Jane + Blanko Freedom13.  It produces a clean and truer representation of what you are shooting when compared to other lenses/films.  Jane + BlacKeys Supergrain is also great for black and whites.

Because of the amount of lens/film combos, you can get different effects such as: light leaks, grain, blur, borders, vignette and so on.  It can become a bit overwhelming at first but learning the basics is important and finding a combo that you truly love will help pave the way.

The following video is a quick step-by-step tutorial to show you Oggl’s basic functions:

Most importantly, if you are new to Hipstamatic/Oggl, keep in mind that it takes time to accustom yourself with the various lens/film combos.  As I mentioned above, it can be overwhelming at first but with some time it can be a fun and cool way to take and share photos.  Plus, if you’re like me and prefer not to spend too much time editing but love filters/effects, then this camera is for you.

Here are some extra shots I took while out and about at the Museum of Flight in order to give you an idea of what some of the combos look like.  Enjoy…


A special thank you goes out to Chris aka hellachris for shooting and editing the video tutorial. You rock! : )