Welcome to the ninth edition of the GRRYO 1000 Words Facebook Showcase!  Since the creation of the Facebook group, we have seen it grow and watched inspiring work being posted daily. We are happy to be able to showcase some of the outstanding work that is being shared.

GRRYO believes that mobile photographers/ artists tell stories through the photographs/ images and art that represents their families, their environment, themselves. This is important because of the level of communication that is portrayed in imaging today.

We want to support the mobile arts community by having a place for artists to share, discuss, and critique (if requested by individual). These dialogues help the individuals and the community to grow.

We look forward to you and your art. We thank you for your contribution to the mobile photography/ arts community. To submit your work click here.

Veronica Hassell Image

Veronica Hassell

I have been exploring the water element this summer with my lifeproof shooting a lot of underwater shots and this was an afternoon when we just finished shooting. It was early evening and we were losing the last bit of natural light so as my model sat shivering, I decided to take a few more shots. I actually used the snappeed in app camera and used a preset in the grunge setting. I then used the tilt shift preset for some slight blur. Unionapp was used to add and blend the flowers, which I also shot in the snappeed camera and edited in grunge. This original shot was taken in a swimming pool with all those edges of the pool just beyond the models head in view. A little cropping and blending created more drama and the feel of some deep blue pool in Bali which is what I was hoping for.

This shot is part of a series on Flickr called “Skin Divers” which is from the writings of Anne Michaels.

I think as time goes by I’m realizing more and more that it doesn’t matter how many apps you use, sometimes beauty can be created with the most simple subject. It’s a challenge I’m enjoying quite a bit: finding beauty in simple moments.

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Elaine Taylor Image

Elaine Taylor

This shot was taken early Summer’s evening at one my boys’ favourite spots to play. A place where they automatically  run, climb, jump and create little adventures together. No technology in sight (apart from my cheeky iPhone!).  It’s what they enjoy doing more than anything.  I love capturing those precious moments.

I took a few shots that evening. When I looked through the camera roll this one jumped out. I loved Billy’s hand; like he is beckoning his big brother. The original image felt a bit gloomy though, and didn’t reflect the actual moment captured. It seemed sad. Ominous.  The boys with their heads down under a moody sky. It just didn’t feel right.  So, I turned to Mextures to add something colourful to the sky; something uplifting.

My boys under a rainbow sky off on an adventure together to discover new and exciting things. That’s what I see when I look at this image.

Apps Used: Procamera7, Snapseed, Mextures, Union


I shot this with ProCamera7 on my iPhone5S.  As I do with most images, I took it into Snapseed first: cropped and straightened it, then increased the contrast a little. Next step Mextures to create the rainbow colours in the sky (can’t remember the details – Mextures is still new to me so I would’ve been playing around for quite some time). Finally, I took the image into my favourite blending/masking app Union to bring out the original silhouettes.


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Erika Brothers Image

Erika C. Brothers

This image is one of hundreds I have taken of my kids this summer, in fact I could say that is my favorite of summer 2014. I really enjoy taking water photography and enjoy the results I get from the effects of water. This particular photograph was taken with the iPhone standard camera and edited on a iPad first using Camera+ to adjust contrast, after I used iColorama to highlight the effect of flow, and for final filter effects VSCOcam.

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Tommy Wallace Image

Tommy Wallace

I don’t usually shoot cars yet here I was in the backyard of an abandoned farm house with three or four surrounding me. What was I to do? This shot was taken with the sun through the window giving a nice glint of light on the horn ring of the steering wheel.

Taken with the Camera-FV5 app on my Samsung GS4, I let this gem sit on my feed for months before I did anything with it. For editing I used HandyPhoto which is one of my favorite editing tools. This app is available on android and iOS.

It’s been awhile but I’m thinking on this one I first cropped then darkened the photo, while increasing contrast and sharpening slightly. I’ve really enjoyed working with textures and applied a few of them gently to get a darker effect and to give some vignette on the edges.

As I edited this I began to focus on the glow from the light reflected on that horn ring. I love the way the reflected light splashes across the steering wheel.

I try to title photos from personal experiences as well as something that is unique to the shot itself. The fuel gauge is setting on the “E” in this shot, of course. When I was growing up and started driving I learned a new phrase: “Flat on empty.” The car I drove was in that condition more often than not. As I’m old enough to have driven a car with a horn ring like this, I thought “Flat on E” was appropriate.

On Instagram, Eyeem, and Twitter I’m @pastortwallace. On Flickr just drop the @. You can also see some of my stuff at amptcommunity.com/profile/TommyWallace. I appreciate the opportunity to participate with the Grryo community. The storytelling aspect of photos is so powerful and I’m glad Grryo celebrates that.

Patricia Larson Image

Patricia Larson

Photo taken with iPhone 4s

This photo was taken on a trip to a beach in Texas, the picture was completely minimalist so I decided to play with the editing, it was a beautiful evening and it was not time of vacation so that the sea was in complete tranquility and could perfectly capture the photo.

Apps Used: Camera+,  Circular

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Andrea Koerner Image

Andrea Koerner

There really isn’t any inspiration per say behind my photos it’s more an intuitive thing that I do.  I just start with a photo and “play” with various apps until I get a photo that speaks to me.  This one started out as two Hipstamatic photos that I combined in Superimpose.  I then added more elements thru Superimpose and put the finished photo thru Brushstroke(I painted it and upped the Saturation).  From there I took it into Elasticam and manipulated it to give the figure the effect of wearing a hood/cowl.  Lastly I took it into Textures+ and added the graffiti effect.

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