Before we were this,  we were star dust, We were at the very beginning, We were without anything, and as we travel this preordained journey over and over in one form or another days become months, months become years, years become centuries, centuries become millennium and then it all disappears into light, a light that holds and hides us from ourselves, a light that changes the singular to the plural to the all encompassing god of it all. That god which we are part of, the universe, the all ubiquitous experience that we hide from lest the lies escape us and we return to an eternity of waxing and waning.


The disappointment of the present in the blank stare of my fellow beings, all of them, all of them as confused as the next, all of them terrified by ensuring their survival, pitting themselves against the other in imagined games of interplanetary wars, the mortality of the flesh of the matter that cocoons and diverts our universal being into a mere ego, a singular, living in a moment that no one will recall, no one wants to be reminded of. The failure of it all.



The worst of us control the best of us, the worst set the pace the disruption and deception and the only thing worthwhile is a link that cannot be controlled, the link that all beings strive for and that is association, the association from a link of love, the pull stronger than the gravitational force of our sun, that feeling that you used to belong. It’s not born of admiration, of subservience to the created gods man uses to divert purpose with, how puny that deity is, how basically immoral and unethical does it continue to be. There cannot now be any admiration of slave gods, of the dark matter that they represent trying to absorb your light, your true reality, your unbearable lightness of being.


It will take a blank page, it will take a new discovery in contrived reality to change this, to disprove the diverted purpose imposed on the beings, all beings that inhabit the earth, if it experiences mortality then it is a created temporary ego manifestation of energy, there is nothing real about it, in a few millennia none of this will exist, it will be revealed in a new design. And you will remember nothing of this because it never happened.

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