Congratulations to the HTC team on the launch (today April 12, 2016) of their new flagship phone, the HTC 10.  The HTC 10 is much anticipated and is noted in many preliminary lists of the best smart phones in 2016. The 10 is a great phone for mobile photographers. With our short time with the devices, we have been able to generate the first images from the phone online.  If you follow the #HTC10 #PowerOf10 hashtags on social media you will find other cities as well.  This is just three of our photographers representing their cities.

Each photographer was provided some time to get acquainted with the device, the Android Marshmallow OS, and of course the camera, to show their part of the country for the #HTC10 #PowerOf10 @HTC release.  Dutch was the first to work with HTC on behalf of Grryo with the HTC One A9, and his amazing work continues with the 10 as he represents New York City and surrounding areas.   Brad comes from the green wooded north, the Pacific Northwest, to be exact, and shows you a few images from the Emerald City. He also got to use the One A9 and provided a tutorial for mobile photographers using HTC devices. View the tutorials here Part 1/ Part 2/ Part 3. David brings to the Power of 10 campaign, beautiful imagery from the city by the bay, San Francisco. It is his first time using an Android device and we asked him his thoughts:

“This is my first time using an Android phone.  I can honestly say that I like it.  I’m sold on its ease of use and camera functions.  Feels very comfortable in the hand when holding it. I wanted to show photos that were representative of the great city of San Francisco. Show off the iconic places that people recognize, showcase her beauty.”

Please leave comments regarding the HTC 10 and/or the images shown.  The photographers and the HTC team will do their best in answering any questions and responding to your comments.

HTC 10 Camera Specs:  Main Camera/ 12MP Ultra Pixel 2 w/ OIS, 1.55 UM, F 1.8, Laser Focus – Front Camera/ 5MP w/ OIS, F 1.8

Also BIG Congratulations to HTC for receiving the highest mark among all smart phones from DXO: 88!


Dutch Doscher, New York City

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LostSpring snow

Where I wasTo a New Day    
packed inCrushed   
The DestructorThe Destructor
two titans



David Calvin, San Francisco

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Golden Gate Bridge




The Sweetness of Ghirardelli


Transamerica Pyramid


The City


Brad Puet, Seattle

Visit Brad’s Instagram and Twitter to see more photos with the HTC 10


The Tallest One (Smith Tower)


Take Care of the Miners (Miners Landing, Seattle Waterfront)


Get Your Education, Harry Potter (Suzallo Library, University of Washington)


Aliens Gave Us This in 1962 (Space Needle)
HTC_10-3 The Water Limousine (Washington State Ferry System over Elliot Bay)