The Grryo community believes that every picture has a story, and that we are all storytellers by nature. Each week, on Wednesdays, we challenge our Instagram community with a story prompt and ask our followers to stop by and leave a line or two of fiction to accompany the featured photograph.

At the end of the month, our four favorite stories are published, along with the photos, on our website.

We would love for you to join us and share what each photo says to you. So come and browse through this digest and join us next month!

Photo by @hojjathamidi

I know, I voted for him. You did too. He was “better than the alternative”. He was going to get our jobs back. So we were wrong, he’s a liar and a schmuck.

Photo by @yiorgoskouts

I hadn’t seen him in a while. Thinking about it, it had been so long that I imagined he had silently passed away. Scrutinizing my own thoughts, I realized that it was more wishful thinking than actual belief. Seeing him now sent the familiar shiver and touch of frost through me, paired with a sudden shame of my own lack of human compassion. However, this man had caused so much suffering and grief to so many, my own family included, and never had he seemed to reflect for one second on that fact himself. When he passed by that old crack in the wall, it suddenly looked like a lightning above him. Now that would be appropriate, I thought, if you would be remembered as the one who was struck by concrete lightning, as a rare form of rightful justice in this insane world.


Photo by @mityai


He’d asked, hoping with all his heart, she’d say yes. She said no.


Photo by @copenhagenstreet


Open up, Lars, you slimy bastard! I want my money, so come on out! Or would you rather I smash this pretty window and drag you out right back through it?


Thank you to all the photographers and writers who participated in creating these stories. We hope you enjoyed them.

About Author

Susanne Maude
Susanne Maude
Susanne takes pictures for the same reason she writes. She does it to study the world around her, to get to know her, to understand. She lives in Turku, a small Finnish town by the sea.